17 New Year's Resolutions Everyone Wants To Achieve And How To Do It

You can do it.
17 New Year's Resolutions Everyone Wants To Achieve And How To Do It

A fresh start, a new year - that's what everyone has in mind when they make new year's resolutions. For the first week of the 365 day calendar you try so hard to stick to your goals and if you're strong enough you might get through the first month. But then... Some of us give up. Now, I'm not trying to make you feel crappy about yourself, instead I'm just letting you know - it's important to set realistic goals that are actually achievable.

There are certain things many people promise themselves they'll do throughout the year. To help you succeed with these goals and attain them, here's a list of  17 New Year's resolutions everyone sets and how to achieve them:

1. Get fit

Loosing weight, exercising more and getting in shape is at the top of the list for resolutions - especially after the holiday food baby. Create a workout schedule, stick to it and learn how to force yourself when you're feeling lazy. Think of the end results ;)

2. Eat healthy

Watching calories, cutting out junk food and meal prepping - but the cravings eventually kick in and cheat day ends up being ever day. Healthy food can taste good and just like working out, it's important to get yourself into a routine. Try and cut out the sodium and sugar as well, those two don't do any good to your body either.

3. Make more money.

Job changes, bonuses, a leap in your career - we all want to find ways to make more money. Consider getting a side job or take advantage of the internet - you can sell a lot of stuff on online you know. Check out this article for more ideas on how to make extra money in Toronto.

4. Cut out the stress.

Stress is the leading cause of all health problems. Take some yoga classes, meditate, go to spas, drink green tea, exercise daily and take hot baths.

5. Work on your personal life.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, many people want to work on improving their personal life. If something isn't right in your relationship find the root to the problem. If you're single, go out because you won't meet a potential S/O staying at home or just simply embrace the single life.

6. Stopping procrastinating.

This is the devil itself within us all. I mean that's the main reason we don't achieve our goals right? If you keep yourself organized and motivated to do things, it's certainly possible to stop procrastinating.

7. Travel more.

Who doesn't want to explore what the rest of the world has to offer? You'll need to organize your finances and do research on how to save a couple of bucks while travelling. For example, stay in hostiles or airbnbs instead of a hotel, use your points and airmiles, buy tourism cards, visit cheap countries and use the sharing economy - these are only some of the many ways on how to save money while traveling.

8. Be more punctual.

Some people have serious problems with time management, and those who don't, understand how frustrating it is to wait on someone. Learn how to get an early start, get a watch, turn key tasks into habits. Remember there are two types of time, clock time and real time - learn how to work according to real time.

9. Spend less time on social media.

Social media has taken over our lives nowadays, it's become a serious addiction.You're always on your phone scrolling through Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat and you know it. You're missing out on the important things in life by spending more than half of your day on social media.

10. Drink in moderation or cut out alcohol completely.

This one is obvious. You feel bad for your liver don't you? Instead of drinking for absolutely no reason, have a drink on a special occasion or learn how to control the amount that you're drinking.

11. Quit smoking.

And your lungs right?

12. Deal with your fears and insecurities.

Pull yourself together. Remember that confidence is the key to success. Treat yourself to good things, be positive, hit up the gym and focus on you.

13. Write a book.

If you're one that is super creative and has a story to tell, this might be one of your goals for the new year. Instead of sitting in front of your TV changing channels, take a 30 minutes a day to put your words on paper - you never know maybe you'll have a book published that becomes a New York Times Best Seller.

14. Spend quality time with family.

Remember, family should always come first. People unfortunately don't live forever and you never know when they'll be gone.

15. Control your emotions.

Everyone stumbles upon problems in life that can drive your emotions to the grave. It's ok to cry and be upset here and there, but you need to find the joy in little things and not let your problems take over.

16. Work on your hobbies.

Life isn't eternal, therefore it's important to learn new things. If you don't already have a hobby to keep yourself occupied and avoid being lazy, I highly suggest you get one.

17. Have a proper sleeping pattern.

As a human being, it's important to get a good night of sleep. Stick to a scheduale; go to sleep at the same time every night, pay attention to what you eat and drink ( no coffee at night of course) and get 8 hours of sleep.