Overheard at Queen's University is probably one of the funniest inventions ever made for social media, whether you're using the hashtag or posting right on their Facebook page, students come together to celebrate all our scholarly, weird, and downright embarrassing remarks. Sometimes though you have to sift through to find those posts that make you do that laugh that makes you sounds like a fusion between a hyena and cackling vulture (we all have those).

Sometimes, though, some of the hilarious comments you hear circulate broken telephone style, word of mouth. So we set out to do an ultimate overheard compilation. From the deep, dark feeds of Overhead on twitter, facebook, and our own scarily addicting eavesdropping - we got the goods that will bring a smile to this stressful time we call exam season.

A thank you to the people who speak a little too loud, and have no idea what a "whisper" is. And finally to those who just have Beyonce level confidence and don't give two shits if they just revealed to the entire Starbucks line that their Tinder hook up turned out to be their lab partner for the rest of the semester.


1. "I'm taking Early Modern English history because Elizabeth I is my girl crush" via @BrianJBennett_

Who run the world?

2. "Where's West?"

Just turn left and don't stop walking...like for awhile...no keep going.

3. "No, my leg's only kind of broken! Whatever, I'm still doing greasepole." via @nicolewilll


4. "I'm from New Mexico" "that's so weird you don't look Mexican at all"

I'm sorry, is this a Mean Girls sequel?

5. "You drafted him?! Bro do you even play fantasy football?

Seriously bro get your life together!

6. "A Gael's a bird right?"


7. "I mean this whole Lucy and Sam drama is so stupid! Like I know what I would do in this situation, but they're just not doing it!" - drunk girl in the bathroom stall to her other drunk friend in the adjacent stall

You know girl.

8. "And then some girl at the Spot wearing Crocs kept sharing her bottle service with us, so, all in all, a pretty good night."

9. "I want to be so fly, but I can't actually fly" via @kaiipwong

The classic extensential crisis of University!!!!

10. "Isn't it crazy how the earth spins?"

Ah the knowledge you unlock at university! Blows your mind doesn't it!

11. "I was late for my lecture because I followed a service puppy in training across campus - it was so worth it."

We would do the same thing friend.

12. "Overseen in market square, Justin Trudeau wearing a Canadian tuxedo for the Tragically Hip concert." via Overheard at Queen's

Proving yet again how amazing Kingston is.

13. "I'm hilarious and amazing, and he isn't hilarious and amazing so it could never work"


14. "It didn't go in but I feel like I'm pregnant" via @quinlanh 

Don't think it works that way but okay.

15. "And then I came out of my blackout to campus security removing me from Cogro at 3:30 in the morning"

Because sometimes all you want is a top secret bagel.

16. "No nachos before 8pm at QP"

When asked what the most absurd thing at Queen's was.

17. "Please send help" via Overheard at Queen's

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the woodland creatures of Kingston.