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17 Places With The Most Amazing Chocolate Desserts In Toronto

There are days where we all need to give into our sweet tooth. And on those days there is nothing better than chocolate. Whether you like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, this sweet treat just knows how to soothe everything.

From healing heartbreak to celebrating birthdays, chocolate is always there for us. There is no situation that cannot be improved by chocolate, it can just fix everything. Unless you are one of those rare people who hate chocolate (also - HOW?), you know that a piece can be better than therapy.

So if you're in need of a pick me up and chocolate is just what you crave, look no further. Here are 17 restaurants to go and indulge in a delicious treat. Life is too short not to enjoy an amazing dessert!

Art Square Cafe and Creperie // 334 Dundas Street West

Enjoy some art, coffee and get your chocolate fix while you're at it. Art Square Cafe is serving up some of the best crepes but also is known for their chocolate fondue! Don't miss out!

Junked Food Co. //507 Queen Street West

Not only is Junked Food known for their delicious cheat day food, their desserts are out of this world. You may have seen that they recently got cookie dough in cones but their Smoreo Waffle is perfect for any chocolate lover.

Cacao 70 // 28 Gristmill Lane & 485 Queen Street West.

Make your wildest chocolate dreams come true at Cacao 70, where the chocolate just won't stop! You can make brunch extra special and have some of the best crepes, waffles and hot chocolate known to man.

via @drakeonefifty

Drake One Fifty // 150 York Street

Of course, everyone in Toronto knows about The Drake One-Fifty but if you haven't tried their delicious brownie then your missing out. Made from scratch this is sure to leave any chocolate lover pleased!

Forno Cultura // 609 King Street West

Forno Cultura is the ultimate bakery. With their delicious sandwiches to their sweet treats, anyone will love it here. We recommend grabbing a coffee and trying one of their chocolatey olive-oil cake.

Uncle Betty's // 2590 Yonge St

Uncle Betty's is a bucket list restaurant that any (wise) Torontonian would recommend. If you're looking for a chocolate filled dessert try their donut ice cream sandwich to change your life!

Dufflet // 787 Queen Street West, 2638 Yonge Street, 1917 Queen Street East

We all know that Dufflet Pastries are some of the best treats around. Of course, chocolate isn't a stretch at this spot and any location would be filled with goodies for you to indulge. Try the double chocolate pecan pie for an amazing twist on a classic!

Cafe Crepes // 246 Queen Street West 

Crepes are one of the best dessert foods known to man. With a variety of crepes there is something for everyone here. We suggest enjoying the chocolate hazelnut crepe to fulfill your chocolate cravings.

via @yyz.lynda

La Banane // 227 Ossington Avenue

Though it looks more like art than chocolate, La Banane's chocolate egg is a game changer. You can feel super classy while ordering this elaborate dessert while also satisying your cacao intake for the day.

Miku // 10 Bay Street

This matcha chocolate cake is literally to die for (no death required)! Not only will you enjoy every bite, you can also convince yourself that the matcha is somehow healthy even if it's in a cake!

Apiecalypse Now! // 735 Bloor Street West

This one is for you Toronto vegans! Everyone knows that Apiecalypse Now makes some of the best vegan pizzas to grace this earth but their dessert is out of this world. We recommend their deep fried Mars bar for a new experience or take a simpler approach with their doughnuts!

via @karinadavyofficial

The Lakeview // 1132 Dundas Street West

The Lakeview may be a favourite for its late night eats but their dessert is some of the best in the city. We recommend the mint chocolate chip sundae with chocolate sauce to satisfy your chocolate needs!

Glory Hole Doughnuts // 1596 Queen Street West

Because who doesn't love a good doughnut? At Glory Hole, you can pick out one of many delicious chocolate creations and even more. Our personal favourite is Mocha Latte flavour!

Future Bistro // 483 Bloor Street

We love that Future Bistro has an extensive dessert menu, it's truly what you want in a restaurant. Try the Baileys or brownie chocolate cheesecake for a delicious, sweet fix.

via @thompsontoronto

Thompson Diner // 550 Wellington Street West

Thompson Diner is another 24-hour staple that every Torontonian loves. With the option of the chocolate cake or salted caramel chocolate brownie, it's easy to get your favourite chocolate treats.

The Gabardine // 372 Bay Street

Located in the Financial District, The Gabardine is serving up some of the best chocolate cakes. You can always get the black forest cake but make sure you check out their specials like the one pictured above!

via @goodfriends.goodfood

Frank's Kitchen // 588 College Street

There is nothing we love more than some fine dining with some delicious dessert to follow. Hit up Frank's Kitchen for an amazing meal that you fan follow up with some sweet chocolatey goodness.

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