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17 Reasons Why Winter Commuting Is A Pain In The Ass For Toronto Students

It's second semester and that can only mean one thing for commuter students: the dreaded winter commute. It's the only thing worse than regular commuting. It's every commuter student's worst nightmare. Here are struggles all Toronto students have while commuting to school downtown.

1. Having to wake up extra early because who knows what madness the snow will bring today.

Bring on the TTC delays.

2. Never any snow days.

They don't want you to live.

3. Do I really want to drive to Finch when it's icy and snowy and dangerous outside?

It's warm and safe in my bed.

4. Waiting for the TTC or GO bus in the freezing cold.

Photo cred – Giphy

5. TTC or GO delays due to snowstorms.


6. The struggle of wanting to look stylish because you're downtown but not wanting to come home with the flu.

Photo cred – Giphy

7. Feeling a lot more congested on the bus or train with all your winter gear on.

Because taking off my scarf and gloves and having to put them back on later is so much work.

8. The disgusting wet floors of TTC subway stations.

9. Not being able to put your bag on the ground because it's too wet and dirty.

10. Freezing your butt off when the subway doors open at Davisville.

11. The dreadful walk from the subway to your class.

Overcoming Snow Piles and Icy Sidewalks: A Novel by Me.

12. Getting all bundled up, trekking through the snow, and making your way downtown for a 50-minute class.

13. Getting all bundled up, trekking through the snow, making your way downtown, and finding out class is canceled.

Photo cred – Giphy

14. Spending more money on Tim Hortons or Starbucks than you did last semester because it's way too cold for this.

15. Trying your best not to slip and die on unshoveled, icy downtown sidewalks.

16. Getting frostbite from commuting during the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night.

Afternoon classes only, please.

17. Having to do this every single day for 4 months.

Forever sad.

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