Who doesn't love Ryan Gosling? From the very beginning of his heartthrob status in The Notebook to the shirtless masterpiece that was his role in Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan has been making our hearts swoon for over a decade now.

While there's no denying that Ryan is easy on the eyes, the Ontario-born actor also has a weird side. From shaving his dog's hair into a mohawk to giving himself a homemade tattoo, Ryan has definitely engaged in some pretty odd behaviour over the years. Here are 17 times the Canadian sweetheart made us slightly question his sanity.

1. He was suspended from elementary school because he filled a box with knives and threw them at the other kids during recess.

2. He once bought out an entire Girl Guides Cookies stand and handed all of them out for free.

3. He likes to build things and even built the car in Drive, as well as a chair and table for The Notebook. 

4. Ryan gave himself a homemade tattoo. “One of my tattoos is supposed to be a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart but I did it myself with a tattoo kit so it looks like a cactus,” he said. 

5. He believes that an army of cats patrols Disney Land.

6. His mother actually still believes in Santa Claus.

7. In 2011, he said that his favourite place in LA was Disney Land and he went there alone regularly.

8. He claims that he taught Britney Spears about sex. He even said once that he  feels "somewhat responsible for how sexual she is now."

9. His uncle was an Elvis Impersonator. Ryan acted as his assistant and would hand out teddy bears and scarves.

10. His parents were body building mormons. 

11. He thinks that the reason people consider him as the perfect boyfriend is due to his "Canadianness."

12. He worked in a sandwich shop after the Notebook. He also claims he actually "put love" into those sandwiches.

13. Ryan once said that his perfect day would involve knitting. He had to learn the craft for his part in Lars and the Real Girl. 

14. He apparently turned down a spot in the Backstreet Boys because he thought they were a New Kids On The Block rip off.

15. The production team on Fracture couldn't track him down for 2 weeks. It turns out that during that time, he was living off the grid in a tent. Alone. 

16. His dog George has a mohawk because George demands it. Ryan claims that George is even a better behaved when he has a mohawk.

17. His childhood nickname was "Trouble."

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