We've all gone through it. The "phase". It comes once in every teen and twenty-somethings life. A glorious period of inhibition, sexual freedom, free drinks, short days, long nights, and a whole lot of fun. If you're sexually liberated and living your life, this is article is for you.

1. You dumped your significant other to have fun this summer

They were weighing you down...

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2.You don't use dating apps, you PLAY them

Whether it's Tinder, Grindr, Bumble or POF, it's not a dating app anymore, it's a game. And you MUST win.

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3.Your friends can't wait to hear your sex stories

You're becoming notorious in your group for your crazy hookup stories and one night stands, and the highlight of your night might not even be the sex, it's the morning after discussing the highlights and horror stories.

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4.You find the sexual innuendo in anything

Maybe you're pent up, or maybe you have a dirty mind but these days you just have a talent for making fairly vague connections between sex and just about anything.

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5.You wait all day for a set of good nudes to come your way

"Now that's what I'm talking about."

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6.The walk of shame isn't remotely shameful anymore

*struts in 5 inch stilettos*

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7.Your most common topic of conversation is sex

"K, guys I know I already told you this but he did this thing where he bent my legs behind my head like a pretzel and..."

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8.You have so many people on the go that you're starting to getting them mixed up

"Uh oh, I think I already told him that story..."

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9.You literally don't give a shit what people think

There may have been a time where the opinion of others weighed heavily upon your shoulders, but now you're too busy enjoying yourself to worry about what the basics have to say about you.

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10.You secretly love when your friends become single

YES. Come to the dark side. Be a hoe.

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11.You sass anyone who tries to stop you

".....Somebody needs to get laid......."

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12.You're starting to get into some freaky shit

"You want to tie me up to the front of your truck with a ball gag in my mouth? I don't even know what that has to do with sex, but I'm oddly into it."

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13. Getting bad nudes sent to you is a personal offense

"That is one ugly d..."

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14.You download dating apps in new cities and get excited about the potential hookups

"Ahhhh, fresh meat."

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15.You cackle when someone tries to be exclusive with you

"I'm just so busy with work and school and.... yeah no."

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16.You're forgetting your hookups names

"Hey.....you! SO good to see you...."

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17.You only go out to find hookups

You don't even try and hide it anymore. You're looking to get laid tonight and your friends are on the lookout for potential hotties.

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