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17 Spots For Hilarious People Watching In Toronto

Get a real glimpse of Toronto.

Admit it. We all find ourselves people watching sometimes, and we know exactly where to go to get the best glimpses of Torontonians ...being Torontonians. So if you haven't done this yet, it's something I totally suggest you do.

Not only is it entertaining, but it's also a great way to remind ourselves of how human we are and that it's okay to do what you feel in public (with the exception of stuff like streaking of course). Here are a select set of spots in Toronto that will surely provide a great people watching experience.

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1. El Covento Rico // 750 College St.

There's not a more fun filled way to go people watching than going to a gay bar. Everyone is free to be themselves, and the drag dancers are hilarious and love being watched so the watching is actually encouraged here!

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2. Yonge Dundas Square // 1 Dundas St. E

This one's a Toronto classic. You'll find all sorts of Torontonians here. The commuters, the ones late for work, the students cutting classes and even street performers! You can also get a sneaky overhead view of the square at one of the nearby restaurant patios.

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3. Bovine Sex Club //  542 Queen St. W

If you want to see people getting wasted, left, right and centre, while you also get wasted, then this is the spot! Enjoy live music, good drinks and a chill atmosphere where everyone feels free to be themselves. Watch on, and you'll be sure to get a few laughs!

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4. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St.

A great spot for nachos, dance parties and watching people eat nachos and dance. The dance parties are usually themed so you can expect to see a different group to people watch off each time! Sometimes it's emo night and sometimes it's an 80s dance party. You never know what you'll see!

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5. Sassafraz // 100 Cumberland St.

This is a great spot to check out some of Toronto's classiest. The people decked head-to-toe in designer while carrying fresh shopping bags from Gucci, yes those people. Also the view along the street is great for spotting exotic cars!

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6. Rivoli // 334 Queen St. W

The Rivoli is a venue and bar encompassing the artsy atmosphere of the Queen West strip, and also providing for a perfect view of those walking down the street. Expect to see some eccentric and super artsy personalities.

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7. Cabana Pool Bar // 11 Polson St.

There's always something to see at Cabana. Whether you're there for an event or concert, or just to chill, the crowd is usually mixed with people trying to stunt on others or those who actually aren't using their rent money to pay for a Cabana. Of course, there's the occasional bar fight in the day to spike the entertainment, but the drinks will keep you relaxed as you people watch from above on the upper level.

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8. DEQ at the Ritz Carlton // 181 Wellington St. W

The DEQ is a classy spot for watching the upper class, and some good drinks while you're at it. Swanky with an understated vibe, this spot will have you watching some of the most calm, cool and collected people around town.

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9. Trinity Bellwoods Park // 790 Queen St. W

For a nice day out in the park is not complete without people watching! Expect to see all sorts of people, like those who love the outdoors, and those totally out of place that'll bring you a good laugh or two. There's also the added bonus of dog watching here!

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10. Harbourfront Centre // 235 Queens Quay W

The Harbourfront is a great place to show for how people act differently around large bodies of water. Expect to see lots of lake selfies, people trying to push each other in the lake and those frolicking on the little area of beach as if they were in Miami. Also there's a huge event space with fake grass that seems like the ideal nap spot for a lot of people!

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11. High Park // 1873 Bloor St W

High park is another great park in Toronto for people watching, and since t's located in a different area of the city, it brings about a different people watching experience. There's a lot more kids at this park so it'll be hard to hold back a laugh when you see a little toddler stumble like a drunken sailor after getting off the swing set.

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12. Osgoode Hall Restaurant // 130 Queen St W

The Osgoode Hall restaurant is the environment fit for lawyers, business people and other people with high class jobs. If you're into examining the behaviours of the rich and focused, this is a great spot to do so.

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13. King Taps // 100 King St. W

King Taps is a beer drinker's paradise, but not the spot for chugging back beer cans like college kids. It's classy and features tons of beers on tap. Expect to see date nights and singles trying their best to flirt with others. And you'll spot some delicious food too!

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14. First Canadian Place // 100 King St. W

Catch all of the action you see in your favourite business related dramas like Mad Men or Suits in real life. You'll be swarmed with people in suits running around you answering business calls while they grab salads they'll probably not end up eating.

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15. Ronnie's Local 069 // 69 Nassau St.

This Kensington Market patio and bar will provide a great people watching experience in the bright and unique neighbourhood. The beers are great and you'll see a lot of interesting people, that aren't classified as your average Torontonian.

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16. Comfort Zone // 333 King St W

The spot to see some wild partying in Toronto, is none other than Comfort Zone. This place goes from midnight to lunchtime! An interesting watch to see who actually parties till daylight and how exactly they survive doing so.

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17. Apt. 200 // 1034 Queen St. W

Apartment 200 provides a house party setting while it is actually a club. But by the looks of it while you're there, you'll see some people that still think they're at home and might even just fall asleep on the bed. It's like people watching at a house party and not having to worry about anyone's house being trashed!