17 Struggles Every Science Student Knows All Too Well

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17 Struggles Every Science Student Knows All Too Well

Being a science student is no walk in the park. Whether it's the overwhelming complexity of taxonomic names or the painstaking three to six hour labs, every science student faces the same dreaded struggles that often makes them question why they're even studying science in the first place.

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But no matter what hardships they come across, they will always be science students at heart. Here are 17 struggles every science student knows all too well:

1. Having to memorize complex scientific words that all seem like gibberish.

Like, what the heck is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis??

2. Never being the smartest in your class.

High school seemed like a breeze compared to college and university.

3. Forgetting to bring your goggles or lab coat to lab.

And receiving the look of scorn from your TA.

4. Having to spend another gazillion hours citing your sources after already spending a gazillion hours writing your report.

Good times.

5. When your data tables are so long they overflow to multiple pages.

And it looks so ugly.

6. TA's that notice every little detail.

"The period goes after al, not after et. -5 points"

7. Dealing with ongoing lab experiments where lab 2 relies on the results of lab 1.

Messing up one little thing in the procedure can ruin all of your results.

8. Organic chemistry.

Enough said.

9. Becoming super paranoid about germs and surfaces.

Growing bacterial cultures can do that to a person.

10. Ending up with an incompetent lab partner.

And always being the last group to leave.

11. When "human error" is not a valid reason for skewed results.

Okay then what do I put? ?

12. Being told "everything is fair game" for a midterm or final and having to study everything.

And you're convinced all this information is going to make your brain explode.

13. Working in teams with other competitive science students.

Not fun.

14. When your lab grade depends on accurate yields.

And the difference between an "A" and a "B" is 0.0001 grams.

15. Coming across a question on an exam that starts with "Design an experiment..."

I'm screwed. ?

16. Never truly enjoying sci-fi movies because you always find scientific flaws in them.

Sorry guys - Jurassic Park can never happen.

17. Realizing that you're probably going to need to get your Master's to compete with the other geniuses in your class.

Well there goes 4 years.

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