Ah, Walmart. For many people, it's a love/hate thing. While it has developed quite a controversial reputation over the years, it's not entirely bad as some people make it out to be. Aside from its decently priced goods, it's also a source of employment for many people, including new immigrants and students.

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But, like any job, working at Walmart comes with its own characteristic set of struggles. If you've ever worked at Walmart, you might just be able to relate to these 17 struggles:

1. Having to deal with some of the weirdest people on the planet.

Walmart people are a special group of people.

2. When you're working a busy cash line and you run out of medium bags

Then you realized your coworker beside you stole from your pile.

3. When you actually look cute on a certain day but your uniform ruins it all

There's no saving the sad blue vest and black/khaki pants.

4. When you're actually in the mood to work 'cause you need money but they cut your shift

Walmart is forever cutting shifts (especially during the slow seasons).

5. When someone tries to get Miss Vickies as part of the 3-for-$8 chip deal...

...but it's not included and you have to break the news to them (awkward).

6. When a product is already on Rollback and a customer is still fishing for discounts

No Martha, that's as good as it's going to get for you.

7. When you're assigned a greeter shift at the entrance during the winter

And you get hypothermia every time the automatic doors open.

8. When you have to ask a customer if they want to sign up for a Walmart Mastercard...

...but you already know they probably pass on your offer.

9. When customers try to pay for non-electronic items at Electronics.

And they get angry at you for simply telling them store policy.

10. Or when they try to pay for non-pharmacy items at the Pharmacy.

Still can't help you (sorry not sorry).

11. When you're working in the Photo department and all of the kiosks aren't working properly.

Get ready for a busy ass shift.

12. When someone actually tries to return something that's clearly been tampered with

Not today, Martha.

13. When the lines are super long because there are only two of you on the registers.

And customers complain to you as if you were in charge of scheduling.

14. When you clearly have the "Closed" sign at your register but people still line up anyway...

Not your problem.

15. When customers don't return their carts to the designated areas

And you have to traverse the entire parking lot gathering them (it's super fun in the winter).

16. When customers think they can talk down to you because you work at Walmart.

Rollback the attitude, Martha. We're all just trying to survive here.

17. The seasonal department will forever be the death of you

Especially during back-to-school, Halloween and Christmas...

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