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17 Stunning Hidden Waterfalls You Must Road Trip To In Ontario This Summer

You SHOULD go chasin' these waterfalls.
17 Stunning Hidden Waterfalls You Must Road Trip To In Ontario This Summer

Ontario is full of beautiful natural wonders that are just waiting to be discovered! Now that the weather has finally started to heat up, and we're greeted by blue skies every morning when we wake up, we can finally start planning our summer adventures. 

Soon enough, we'll be enjoying 25+ degree days all summer long and we'll be day dreaming about jumping into a crystal blue pool of water. The perfect summer road trip idea is to escape the sweltering city heat and go waterfall chasing! 

There are actually a ton of stunning waterfalls in Ontario that are, for the most part, hidden from the public! Use this list as your waterfall bucket list and chase those waterfalls.

17. Inglis Falls 

Where: Owen Sound, Ontario

Inglis Falls is one of three waterfalls located in the Owen Sound area of Ontario. This stunning waterfall sits inside the Inglis Falls Conservation Area. Inglis Falls is an 18-metre-high cascade of refreshing water surrounded by 7.42 km of trails to explore!

16. Bridal Veil Falls

Where: Manitoulin Island, Ontario

This is definitely one of the most unreal waterfalls in all of Ontario. There's a huge steel stairway that will take you down into the gorge of the waterfall so you can get a breathtaking view of them from below!

15. Sauble Falls

Where: Sauble Beach, Ontario

Sauble Beach is a super popular Ontario beach town in the summer where people like to relax in the sand on sunny days. This town is also home to the Sauble Falls Provincial Park, where you can find the historic Sauble Falls, once used to power a timber mill.

14. Chedoke Falls

Where: Hamilton, Ontario

Located in Hamilton (a.k.a the city of waterfalls) is this stunning 15.5-metre-high ribbon waterfall! It sits on the amazing Niagara Escarpment and also offers a gorgeous turquoise blue pool to swim in.

13. Kakabeka Falls

Where: Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario

Kakabeka Falls is actually the second largest waterfall in Ontario, right behind the famous Niagara Falls. This waterfall doesn't get nearly enough credit though. It's located super close to Thunder Bay and holds an adorable boardwalk trail that allows you to view the falls up close and personal.

12. Albion Falls

Where: Hamilton, Ontario

The Albion Falls are probably the most well-known waterfalls in all of Hamilton. This 19-metre-high cascade waterfall is a popular swimming hole in the area during the summer time. It's complete with staggering steps that make for a fun adventure and great photos.

11. Belfountain Falls

Where: Belfountain, Ontario

Sitting in the heart of the Belfountain Conservation Area are these gorgeous waterfalls that are a major hidden! You can walk over the hanging suspension bridge right over the falls and enjoy the view from above.

10. Rideau Falls

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

Located in Rideau Falls Park are two twin waterfalls sitting right where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau River. It's a small park but definitely a great place to explore during those warm summer months.

9. Devil's Punchbowl

Where: Hamilton, Ontario

Definitely one of the most unique waterfalls in all of Ontario, the Devil's Punchbowl is a massive 37-metre-high ribbon waterfall that falls down into a bowl-shaped gorge below!

8. Indian Falls

Where: Owen Sound, Ontario

This horseshoe-shaped waterfall is one of the top natural attractions in the Indian Falls Conservation Area. This 15-metre-high waterfall sits in the heart of a gorgeous wooded landscape.

7. High Falls

Where: Muskoka, Ontario

There are actually two different waterfalls at this location, High Falls and Little High Falls. This area is perfect for those that are looking for a hike before they're rewarded by the amazing sight of waterfalls at the end!

6. Felker's Falls

Where: Stoney Creek, Ontario

This surreal 22-metre-high ribbon-style waterfall is beautiful all year round! It sits in the heart of the Felker's Falls Conservation Area that's also full of hiking trails, scenic vantage points, and lush forests to enjoy.

5. Hatchery Falls

Where: Muskoka, Ontario

If you follow a trail from the Skeleton Lake Fish Hatchery across an open field leading to the woods, you'll eventually find this unreal waterfall! You'll spend about 15 minutes on this well-marked trail until you're rewarded with this breathtaking natural sight.

4. Raleigh Falls

Where: Kenora, Ontario

This hidden gem of a waterfall should definitely be at the top of your list for summer adventures. Take a short walk through a dense forest and you'll reach these rushing waterfalls where you can also take a refreshing dip!

3. Chutes Provincial Park Falls

Where: Massey, Ontario

Located in Chutes Provincial Park is a stunning waterfall that is quite the sight. This rushing waterfall will follow you as you hike through this amazing park!

2. Webster's Falls

Where: Hamilton, Ontario

Another super popular waterfall in Hamilton is Webster's Falls that sits in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. This 22-metre-high cascade waterfall is perfect to admire and take a dip in during those hot summer months!

1. Rainbow Falls

Where: Rossport, Ontario

Sitting in the relatively unknown Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is a stunning waterfall that you definitely need to see. You can admire these cascading waters as they make their way down to Lake Superior!

Update (May 22, 2018) - According to local sources, Albion Falls now has fences around the area with a $10,000 fine for entering. Also, Chedoke Falls has been found to have raw sewage issues as well as high levels of E.coli at the bottom of the falls. Please make sure you're looking into each location mentioned on the list to see the safety parameters of the falls and the surrounding area.

Content disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. The locations listed below may or may not have changed their regulations in regards to what you can or cannot do on site since the article was last updated. Always consult with local authorities. If you do plan to visit a location, know the risks beforehand and respect the environment.

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