Burlington is easily one of the most basic cities in the GTA, which makes for some pretty basic high schools as well.  Whether you went to M.M. Robinson, Bateman, Nelson, or Corpus, you definitely endured some of the typical struggles of a Burlington high school student.

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I've compiled a list of 17 signs you went to high school in Burlington with the help from a few fellow alumni.  Read on to see if you can relate!

1. Floodlight football games were a huge event on your social calendar.

2.  You always envied the newer high schools that actually had air conditioning.

3. Your prom pictures were taken beside your friend's swimming pool, or at the Milcroft golf course.

4. At least once a year someone at your school would claim to see Ryan Gossling at the Good Life Fitness in Burlington Mall.

5. One of your first dates was to going get ice cream at RC's and a walk by the lake.

6. It was basically a rule that kids from Batemen were always 100% tougher than everyone.

7. First-period spare meant rolling into second-period with an iced cap and a bagel from JC's

8. Your summer job consisted of working at a golf course, grocery store, or summer camp.

9. You would get super annoyed that Sound of Music constantly happened during your exam week.

10. At least 50% of all girls prom dresses came from Sherri Hill.

11.  Your weekends consisted of house parties that took place in unfinished basements.

12. You thought that painting a colourful handprint on your face was "super cute" for a school sporting event.

13.  You knew the splash pad was THE place to hang out during Sound of Music.

14.  There was a point in time where 90% of your high school population wore Sperry's.

15. The term "Ways" was something that was socially acceptable.

16. Every school had a group of kids that hung out in the parking lot.

17. You would run into at least one person you knew every time you went to the Orthodontist (most likely Dr. Hurd or Dr. Holmes)

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