Someone is always trying to make you feel guilty about your choices. Whether it be eating too many tacos at Wilbur's or spending too many nights at Lost & Found, we're here to tell you that it's all good. Keep doing you.

Toronto is an incredible city with incredible opportunities. Who are we to judge or be judged for taking advantage of these opportunities?

Let's take a moment to peruse through 17 things people have made you feel guilty for doing in Toronto, and the reasons why doing them is not embarrassing or worthy of guilt, but rather due for celebration... or at the very least, rationalization.

1. Snapping a picture of the C.N. Tower every single time you see it.

A true Torontonian can never have enough different photos of and with the CN Tower. Nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Taking an Uber Black to Early Mercy.

It only makes sense to arrive in style if you're having a posh night out!

3. Posting a Snapchat story with a Toronto Geo-filter every single day.

You're obviously just proud to live here, and who can blame you?

Photo cred - @amritasohall

4. Spending $20 bucks on eggs at Mildred's Temple Kitchen when you could get your fill on 50¢ worth at home.

AS IF it would taste as good at home! Mildred's will always be worth that extra $19.50 ;)

5. Spending a fortune on the perfect pool bar-chic outfit to wear to Cabana.

Outfit competition is fierce, and the perimeter is highly photographed. It only makes sense to look your best!

6. Dating a Toronto Fuckboy or Fuckgirl.

Don't beat yourself up over it, it happens to the best of us.

7. Skipping your workout.

You don't need Goodlife to have a good life in a city like Toronto, AMIRITE??? But for real, galavanting around the city burns enough calories so don't fret too much.

8. Bandwagoning the Leafs/Raptors/Blue Jays late into the season.

If you live in Toronto, they've always been your team by default! There's nothing wrong with being proud of fellow Torontonians when they're doing well!

Photo cred - Bloomberg News

9. Not working on Bay Street.

You have tons of time to achieve your dreams, so don't feel pressured to already be successful.

10. Taking a taxi/Uber instead of the TTC.

The TTC is a nightmare and so was your day, we get it.

11. Online shopping at Holt's instead of actually just getting up and walking there.

Why move at all when you get more selection online? And it's all so organized! Also, you don't have to put effort into looking nice just so that the salespeople aren't rude to you, the internet won't judge you for shopping in sweats.

12. Calling it the SkyDome instead of The Roger's Centre.

To anyone is confused by people who still say SkyDome: you obviously haven't lived here as long as the person you're correcting, so let them call it whatever they want.

13. Skipping Thursday night at EFS to stay in and watch Netflix.

Don't feel lame for taking a break. Save your energy for when you actually feel like going out.

Photo cred - @sweetjesus

14. Waiting HOURS in line for Sweet Jesus ice cream.

Just do it for the 'gram. Oh, and for the ice cream I guess.

15. Quoting Drake in all of your Instagram and Facebook captions.

It just doesn't feel right to post a picture of the CN Tower without the word "views" in there somewhere.

16. Spending 15 bucks on a single drink at Greenhouse Juice Co.

You'll feel like A MILLION BUCKS afterword, which means that you're totally getting your money's worth!

17. Pretending you're hard at work but really you're reading Narcity articles online.

We won't tell ;)

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