Ah, Valentine's Day. For some, it's a day of celebrating your relationship and bragging to all of your Instagram followers about how your S.O. is the #bestboyfriendever. For others, it's a day where you can't escape the reminder that you are right on track to becoming a lonely spinstress living with your cats.

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Rather than wallow in self-pity, use Valentine's Day as an excuse to get all your girls together for some BFF bonding time. From a male strip club to a cat cafe to a cheese cave, here are our suggestions for how to celebrate Galentine's Day this year.

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1. Treat yourselves at Her Majesty's Pleasure, a nail salon that doubles as a bar.

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2. Have your very own Magic Mike experience at Klub Kave.

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3. Splurge on a boosey brunch at La Societe.

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4. Contemplate becoming crazy cat ladies at Tot the Cat Cafe.

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5. Go for a tasting in TOCA's cheese cave.

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6. Eat your body weight in chocolate at Moroco's chocolate lounge.

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7. Have an afternoon tea party at the Shangri La Hotel.

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8. Belt out all your fave girl power songs at XO Karaoke Bar.

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9. Eat your heart out at Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese.

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10. Go for cotton candy hot chocolate at the Light Cafe.

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11. Unleash your inner strippers with a pole dancing class at Brass Vixens.

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12. Laugh away your troubles at a stand up comedy show at Yuk Yuk's.

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13. Spook yourselves at Nowayout, a horror-themed escape room.

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14. Go for a bouncy outing at Skyzone Trampoline Park.

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15. Watch a drag performance at Crews & Tangos.

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16. Get crafty at Fusion Artz Cafe.

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17. Learn how to defend yourselves against fvck boys in self defense classes at Krav Magav.

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