17 Things You Should Try In Bed In Your 20s

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17 Things You Should Try In Bed In Your 20s

Our 20s are the best time to try  regret crazy things. And since life isn't just about traveling and jumping out of a plane, I think we should have bucket lists for every day life as well...including sex.

If you are already bored in bed at 25, here are some things to try with your significant other (or others) before turning 30!

1. Buy a super weird sex toy

Go for the most scary one and try to use it without the instructions.

2. Wait for him/her naked, covered with sushi

If you don't like fish, try whipped cream.

3. Play with ice cubes

I don't think I need to describe what to do with the cubes.

4. Tie him/her to the bed

And take control.

5.  Blindfold him/her

And let your inner Christian Grey take over.

6. Talk dirty the whole time

It will be super exciting after the 2 minutes awkwardness.

7. Watch porn with your s/o

Let the other person choose the video.

8. Do a role play

Costumes aren't necessary.

9. Try BDSM

Here are 10 good reasons to try it!

10. Tease him/her with a massage

Use a lot of oil.

11. Play with a Kamasutra dice

Or try the weirdest positions.

12. Make love during this entire playlist

An easy way to spice up things in the bedroom.

12. Have sex in a public place

Without getting caught.

13. Or have sex on your university campus

Your Rye High bucket list is over here.

14. Film yourself

Maybe you'll end up as rich as Kim K.

15. Have sex underwater

Is the myth true?

16. Use a feather

Perfect for massages.

17. Go to Oasis Aqualounge

Yes, it's a sex spa.

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Laurie Bergeron
Associate Director, Content Development
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