In recent years, Toronto has stepped up and has become one of the most recognized cities in the world. Within the past year, Toronto was host to the 2015 PanAm games and legendary 2016 NBA Finals. It's also home to visionaries like Drake and The Weeknd. It's no surprise that Torontonians are beaming with pride when talking about their city.

From the people to the food to the culture, Toronto is a prime location. Toronto girls, aka Toronto Tings, are also proud of their city, and arguably the biggest promoters of the 6ix. The scale of Toronto Girl ranges from bomber jackets and AF1's to boyfriend jeans and moto jackets and no two are ever the exact same. But chances are, they do these 17 things constantly:

1. Get a dramatic haircut at Good Day HairShop

...and befriend the entire staff.

2. Claim they know Majid Jordan

…but really know a friend of a friend's cousin who went to high school with one of them.

3. Take their out-of-town friends to Spin

…just to flirt with the hot bartenders.

4. Compare Toronto to New York

…"Toronto is like New York, but with nicer people and better hot dogs."

5. Have an entire photo album dedicated to the CN Tower and Roger's Centre

…because every weekend involves visiting at least one of these locations.

6. Have a well-deserved manicure/pedicure at Her Majesty's Pleasure

…and a well-deserved complimentary mimosa.

7. Buy macaroons from Colette

…just to step up their Instagram game.

8. Try to take a unique picture of the "6 On a Wave" light fixture at Fring's

…that ends up looking like everyone else's.

9. Knows exactly what to order from Buca

…"We'll have the Nodini and Pomodoro E Tartufo please."

10. UberEATS a salad from Village Juicery to Robarts

…because the irony makes them laugh and "it's too far of a walk."

11. Attempt to avoid the Eaton Centre at all costs

... but somehow ends up making a "quick stop" anyway.

12. Know that Bloor/Yonge station is a terrible meet up spot

…but still tells everyone to meet her there.

13. Pretend to know all about AGO's latest exhibition

…but last time she visited was on an elementary school field trip.

14. Go to UofT but hang out at Ryerson

…or vice versa, because the grass is always greener on the other side.

15. Have two moods

…King Street or Yorkville, there's no in-between. Well actually, there is, and it's Queen Street.

16. Claim to hate clubbing

…but knows all the EFS bouncers on a first and last name basis.

17. Recommend the basic spots to out-of-towners

… to keep her favorites on the DL (namely Bar Isabel and Alo, but don't tell anybody).

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