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It's not all that hard to make your own fun when you're stoned. A few friends, a bad movie, and a bag of Cheetos is generally a pretty solid recipe for a great baked night in.Sometimes though, it's nice to mix it up. Sometimes it's nice to interact with the outside world.

So, to help you out, we've compiled a list of some of the best things this city has to offer in terms of stoner entertainment.

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The Science Center

I'm a huge proponent of Doing Science Stoned. Every single exhibit at the Science Center is bonkers when you're baked. All those magnets and electric balls that make your hair stand up do. not. make. sense. You'll have a life changing experience that you'll forget ever happened a few weeks later.

The Hotbox Cafe

A great spot for getting stoned without a hassle. Rent out a bong or a vaporizer, munch on some snacks, and play some video games. What more could you possibly want?

The Ripleys Aquarium

There's a part of this aquarium called the Dangerous Lagoon (cool name, I know), where you can literally walk around and be surrounded by marine animals. What a serene little stoner you'll be there!


Just around the corner, this event is the perfect time to get really ripped and hit up a bunch of fancy restaurants. The weed and the ridiculous discounts will make the food taste a billion times better.

Photo cred - Peter Vanderhaden


The Dinosaurs exhibit, as well as the Biodiversity exhibit (which is basically just a massive room full of taxidermy animals) were basically made with stoners in mind. Wander around and marvel at the majesty of nature. Because like, how could dinosaurs actually have been so big you guys? They're bigger than buildings!

Discovery Walks

These trails located all around the city are always majestic and beautiful. Now that the weather's getting cooler, they're becoming less and less crowded, which can help with that social paranoia weed will sometimes give you. Walking along one of these trails on a crisp fall or winter morning after a quick wake and bake will hit you pretty hard, but in the best way possible.

St. Lawrence Market

Even when you're stone sober, St. Lawrence Market is a great place to satisfy your food cravings, and experience new taste sensations. This whole event is a billion times better stoned, where you can wander around following your nose and trying out every free sample that looks good to you, and maybe buy a thing or two to relive the whole thing later.

The Projection Booth

In this kitchy little movie theatre, you'll find all the indie, schlock, and campy sci fi movies your little stoner heart could ever desire. Swing by for a showing of your favourite 80s movie, or try something you haven't seen before. There's really nothing like being confused and entertained by nonsensical movies when you're baked.

Honest Ed's

You'll easily spend hours entranced by all the light up CN Towers and kaleidoscopes with pictures of Jesus inside them. Seriously, between that and the decor of the place, I'm pretty sure Ed Mirvish may have been a stoner.

Photo cred - Ian Muttoo

Little India

This is a great area to walk around stoned, because after the amazing food smells become too much of a burden for you, you can just wander into an Indian buffet and really make the most of your money.

Christie Pits

Bring a sled or some toboggans and make some winter use of all those hills at Christie Pitts park. No one really monitors this park, so if you were to hypothetically get baked once you'd already gotten there, there's really no reason why you couldn't. Hypothetically.

VIP Cinemas

If you're willing to shill out a little bit extra, enjoy a fully decked out movie watching experience when you're really high. Through VIP Cinemas, you get huge seats with all the extra space you could need, and can have food brought to you without ever having to get up. Stoner heaven much?

Champs Canada

Come on. If you showed up to Canada's weed expo and you weren't stoned? That would be a problem.

Toronto Free Gallery

This is another great stoned art appreciation opportunity. A lot of TFG's art exhibits are political, and they're usually pretty experimental. It'll wrinkle your brain for sure.

Photo cred - Dan Cronin

The Santa Claus Parade

Parades are fantastic sensory overload, with all the music and bright colours. And Christmas parades are particularly weird. See if you can baked enough to make yourself believe that really is Santa up there.

The Textile Museum

This one sounds dumb, but it's actually excellent. People have been doing beautiful things with fabric for centuries, and seeing all of these gorgeous patterns laid out in one building when you're high is on par with a religious experience.

The Imax at the Science Center

This is not the same as going to the actual Science Center. The Imax is ridiculously fun stoned. The movie comes at you from all sides, and the speakers are so loud it sounds like God's talking to you. On top of that, everything's so larger-than-life, there's no way you won't have an existential experience.

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