17 Ways To Stop Fvcking Yourself Over In 2017

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17 Ways To Stop Fvcking Yourself Over In 2017

 2017 has just begun, and for a lot of us that means new years resolutions, lifestyle changes, and less carbs (devastating).  A new year is the perfect time to reflect on what you've learned up until this point and set goals for what you want to achieve in the future.

Although if you're looking to make some changes in 2017, there are likely a few habits you'll need to ditch.  And yes, there is a good chance you're guilty of a lot fo them.

Here is a list of a few things we suggest you start implicating into your life in order to make 2017 a little more manageable.  Good luck guys, you've got this! ?

1. Stop making excuses for yourself.

Nobody likes excuses. Nobody want's to hear the reasoning on why a task was not completed, or why something did not live up to their standards. Accept defeat, learn from it, and move on.

2. Stop comparing yourself to your peers.

This will literally get you nowhere. Spend less time hating on other people's achievements and more time hustling to make your own.

3. Start putting yourself first.

Whether that means making time to treat yourself, working out more during the week, or making a homemade meal from time to time. Any time spent working on yourself will make you feel more accomplished.

4. Start celebrating both yours and other's accomplishments.

There is no harm in patting yourself on the back (or pouring yourself an extra glass of chardonnay). If you did something you're proud of, treat yourself. And if you're friend did something they're proud of, treat them as well!

5. Stop resisting change.

Change is inevitable. Being adaptive is one of the most attractive traits a person can have. This won't only help you in your career, but likely in friendships and relationships as well.

6. Stop feeling obligated rather than motivated.

If you're doing something only because you feel that it is necessary, you might want to reevaluate what you're getting out of that task. For example, if you're hanging out with somebody because you feel obligated to rather than actually wanting to, you might need to take a critical look at that friendship.

7. Start sticking to a (realistic) budget.

I cannot stress this enough! Start keeping track of where your money is going, and you'll find tons of expenses you can save on.

8. Start to make an effort to see people on a regular basis.

Yes, sometimes a 40 minute TTC ride is less than appealing to go have drinks with a friend, but realistically your friend will 100% recognize the effort!

9. Stop being afraid of commitment.

Commitment can be scary, but it usually has a big pay off. Whether you're committing to a romantic relationship or a new job, take a risk in 2017 and try something new!

10. Set goals for the following year.

Okay, chill out with your eye roll. Resolutions are cheesy, we are all in agreeance on that, but that does not mean that you shouldn't have ambition. Pick something to work towards

11. Stop getting so hung up on having closure.

This is a PSA: You will likely never get a text stating "Hey I had an okay time on our date, but this isn't going to work. I'm glad we tried though!", so please stop wishing for one. Yes, heartbreak sucks, but it's time to move on!

12. Start putting in the effort.

Whether this is revamping your wardrobe revamping your resume and applying for that dream job, or even just setting aside some time for yourself, it is all completely necessary.

13. Start thinking about a 5-year plan.

Even if it's somewhat bullshit, it's good to have an idea of what you hope to accomplish in the next couple of years.

14. Start treating yourself with the same respect you expect from others

If you talk about yourself in a negative light, other people will deem that as acceptable as well. You're great, don't forget that, and don't let other people forget that.

15. Stop dwelling on the "predictions" for 2017

2017 has some big obstacles to overcome (*cough* Trump *cough*), but try not to let that affect your outlook on the year as a whole.

16. Start taking yourself (kind of) seriously

What I mean by this is start recognizing your skills, and abilities. Make sure that you only accept what meets your expectations, but don't beat yourself up when you make mistakes. We are all human.

17. Start forming your own opinions and ideas

Realistically this is just a list on the internet, and I kind of hope you don't agree with all 17 of these points. It's totally fine to have your own ideas and opinions, and this year you should embrace that. :)

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Sara Sandham
Staff Writer
Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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