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18 Awesome Places To Take The Best Selfies In Toronto

No selfie stick required.
18 Awesome Places To Take The Best Selfies In Toronto

Your selfie doesn't have to be a basic one. With the help of your very own city, even you can take sickest selfies for the gram.

So pull out your phone and turn on the front camera and find your way over to one of these hot selfie spots that'll make your social media pop! 

via @gaaabbbs

1. CN Tower

One's Instagram page is simply not complete without a selfie with the CN Tower. Even Drake and Rihanna have one, which proves it's not just a tourist thing.

via @izzysk

2. Trinity Bellwoods Park

A nice day lounging in the park isn't complete without a good old selfie. It's a Toronto selfie that doesn't even look like you're in the city.

via @iris.dippy

3. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

It's safe to say that 80% of people going to the aquarium are going for the selfies, and not the fish. The best spots include the jellyfish wall, the large cylindrical reef, and the conveyor belt shark dome.

via @gus_ron

4. Casa Loma

The most royal selfie in all of Toronto is at none other than Casa Loma. You can pull the Bow-Wow challenge and stunt in what looks like your "brand new castle".

via @themartinlarkin

5. Chinatown

This is a greatly striking locale for selfies because if doesn't even look like you're in Toronto. With beautiful street lights and dragon murals on the walls, there are many spots for a unique Toronto selfie.

via @jordanmiller1992

6. Harbourfront Centre

The Harbourfront centre has cool views of Lake Ontario, boats in the background and some wacky boardwalks for nautical selfies by the shore.

via @jackoobear

7. Humber Bay Arch Bridge

This bridge is one of the prettiest in the city! It offers views of the park, Lake Ontario and rocky shores.

via @im_vacationista

8. Yonge and Dundas Square

Basically the Times Square of Toronto, this spot is super cool for the most city-esque selfie. Bright lights and billboards give that busy city effect, and also help give your selfies a gorgeous glow!

via @ikahma

9. Art Gallery of Ontario

What's better than a beautiful piece of art? Posing beside it! Your selfie will add value to that gorgeous painting if anything!

via @gerry__giraffe

10. Toronto Sign at Nathan Phillips Square

The newest hot selfie spot is at this sign, which was made for the Pan Am Games in 2015. This selfie works best with a selfie stick or just getting someone else to take the shot.

via @lizalaire

11. Kensington Market

The views at Kensington Market are colourful and busy. This one's for a Toronto selfie with some old city charm!

via @therosatron

12. Woodbine Beach

A beach selfie is a must! This one is better for the summer months of course, but a frozen Lake Ontario also works for a unique selfie.

via @aanaristicc

13. Cabana Pool Bar and Rebel Nightclub

Being on the edge of the water has its perks! Cabana Pool Bar and Rebel Nightclub both have an amazing cityscape view during the day and at night!

via @thehappycityhippie

14. High Park

How does a capybara selfie sound? Surrounded by nature and wildlife, this park has many spots that are perfect for an outdoor selfie. Or just snag a pic with your BFF.

via @sienna.egirl

15. El Furniture Warehouse 

You're not from Toronto if you haven't done this yet. The lighting in their small bathrooms make for the best bathroom mirror selfies. Trust me on this.

via @aspirewil

16. Brookfield Place

This swanky office complex is home various events and galleries but also offers unique glass architecture and ceiling making for super cool selfies!

via @ecebykt

17. The One Eighty

This restaurant located on the 51st floor of a skyscraper gives you the perfect views of Toronto's iconic cityscape from up in the air. Add a cute touch your selfie by taking it during your meal.

via @afranchise

18. Locals Only

This is the top spot for mirror selfies in the city! With good lighting and a background that rotates often, your selfie is sure to look different every time.

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