Ah yes. Embarrassing moments. They are the age-old example of a love-hate relationship. You love when it happens to someone else, and then you got a good dose of karma for laughing at the guy who fell on the stairs and you fall in front of 50 people too. However, the nature of embarrassing moments means it shares its many (mis)fortunes. I know, you're probably thinking, "Why do I care that it happens to other people when I just knocked 20 people out with a huge fart?". WELL, THAT'S THE BEAUTY! It's going to happen to someone else in like 20 minutes and you can both have good laugh at that awkward social moment. BOOM! It's human connection people, ask science.

And the opportunities to embarrass ourselves (thanks to our very socially aware state), seems infinite. But in certain places, people usually end up doing the exact same embarrassing thing. This is especially true at Queen's. Here it seems you and at least 100 other people are always on the same schedule. You have your classes together, you see them at Cogro for lunch, at Stauff at night- and because everyone is doing the same thing every day, it's only natural that people would also create a common pattern for embarrassing themselves. On top of that, people at University often get embarrassed pretty easily. From the nervous frosh to that person whose still trying to find themselves, everything we do at school is supposed to make or break our identity. Just a little stressful.

But back to this communal embarrassment, you have to remember, it literally happens to everyone. The second you can embrace that you just tripped over yourself running to your lecture, the more fun you'll have. So turn that perception around and start seeing embarrassing moments for what they really should be - fucking hilarious material for a viral video.

Here's the things that you've probably done on Queen's campus - and the things that you'll probably end up doing again. Remember, it's laughing with you, not at you only if you're the first one laughing.

1. Going on Tinder in Stauffer because you're bored, and matching with the person sitting across from you

"So should I say hi now....or?"

2. Gotten your picture taken at Stages

What started with an innocent, "let's take a cute picture!!!!!" quickly turned into your morning after ragret.

3. Said "you too!" to the lunch lady at Ban Righ after she tells you to enjoy your meal

I can never come back here...

4. Slapped a horse at Homecoming

You made Queen's trend on FB for all the wrong reasons....

5. Been in the co-ed bathroom at Res and tried to have a conversation with the hot one on your floor while you're brushing your teeth

Sorry, let me just spit so you can talk to me and not a rabies infested raccoon.

6. Finally making it the gym and not being able to open the gates with your card

I could have been done working out by now.

7. Being stuck in the endless Timmies line in the ARC with the drunk best friend you made last Friday night at Ale

I swear we had more in common when we were drunk.

8. Walking into bio-sci ten minutes late to a lecture and having a moon landing with 20 people's faces because the only seat left is in the middle of the row

Don't mind me, or my ass.

9. Getting the one squeaky chair in the fireplace room in Stauff, and every time you move from one bum cheek to the other you get 30 dirty looks

It's not my fault I swear!

10. Not being able to find your phone in the depths of your backpack while it blares out your Hollaback Girl ringtone in the dead silent Harry Potter room


11. Totally blanking on the name of that person you've been sitting next too all year in your tutorial when you pass them on University.


12. Farted on one of the treadmills in the cardio machine room at the ARC and almost knocking the person next to you out from the stench

Sometimes love knocks you down, sometimes it's that classy burp out the wrong end.

13. Wiping out on the stairs leading up to Cogro

They're just SO public.

14. Asking someone where the A-R-C is as a frosh when you're standing literally right beside it

The ARC? Yes that large structure beside you.

15. Getting stuck in the revolving doors at Stauff

I'm TRYING to go to the library okay.

16. Answering the profs question like a confident bo$$ in a 300 person lecture only to have the professor shoot you down in flames

No. Okay, I'm gonna go.

17. Seeing that person you hooked up with during frosh week during your midnight week 7 lazy 4-piece run

Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on.

18. Going to Western

Enough said.

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