The "turf war" is a never ending debate in Toronto.  This list is basically a look at why Toronto's West end is so great, and if you don't agree you can check out this article.

I'll admit, we don't have Church street or the beautiful view from Riverdale park, but we do have a crazy good music scene, High Park, and tons of other cool things to make up for it.

If you're proud to be a west ender, feel free to read this list make your ego even bigger! :)

1. You're able to enjoy Kensington Market's quirks and charms

There is no place in Toronto quite like Kensington Market. There is an unlimited number of delicious restaurants, quirky shops, and fresh fruit markets. There is also no other place in the city where Jaywalking is so acceptable.

2. There is no better way to destress than a walk through High Park or Trinity Bellwoods

Let's face it, the West end is home to some of the best green spaces in the city, although Riverdale is a pretty good contender. Nobody can say no to the cherry blossom trees in High Park or the amount of adorable dogs at Trinity Bellwoods.

3. The skyline view is absolutely breathtaking

Humber Bay Bridge has a pretty underrated view of our cities beautiful downtown core, especially at night!

4. Queen West shopping > Queen East shopping

Queen West has some of the best boutiques and brand name stores in the city, hands down.

5. Taking advantage of all the cheap eats in Chinatown

China town is home to some of the most delicious and affordable meals in the city. How can you not have a crazy appetite when you're constantly smelling freshly made dumplings!?

6. King West nightlife cannot be beat

Let's be real, if you're going to party in Toronto, you're probably headed to somewhere on King St. West.

Honorable mentions are Adelaide St. West, and Bloor St. West

7. The West is home to more sports, concert and event venues

BMO field, Exhibition Place, Echo Beach, The Rogers Center etc. Most of Toronto's biggest events in the city take place on the West end's turf.

8. The West end is definitely more "walkable" than the East

Realistically the west end probably has all your basic necessities within a 2 block radius. I can almost guarantee that you will always be within a 10-minute walk of a Tim Hortons, LCBO or Wine Rack, a cute patio (yes I need this to survive), an incredible clothing store, and a beautiful park or parkette.

9. There are more students in the west end

This might not be a perk for everyone, but it's awesome for young people. Because there is such a high population of students in the west end, it makes it a little easier to meet up after or before class, as well as meet new people!

10. Upcoming neighborhoods like Parkdale and the Junction

The West end is home to a lot of neighborhoods undergoing some really exciting changes. For example, the Junction and Parkdale have become really interesting parts of Toronto in the past couple of years, and we are so excited to see what is to come in the future!

11. We have adorable brunch spots like Old School, Rose and Sons, and Easy Restaurant

Brunch is pretty important, so it only seems right that I include this point. West enders take their eggs benny pretty seriously.

12. Thrift shopping in Parkdale can't really be beat

This is such an underrated activity. My friend recently took me thrifting in Parkdale and I could not believe how any awesome vintage shops we found all along queen west.

13. There is some pretty amazing architecture in the west end

The OCAD building alone pretty much summarizes this entire argument.

14. The AGO and the ROM are in the west end's territory

Who doesn't love a little art and history? It's really great having these two establishments on the West end, especially when they offer discounts for all the students living here!

15. The West end is home to some of Toronto's cutest coffee shops

Again, maybe this isn't important to some people, but staying highly caffeinated is part of my strict health regime (I'm kidding, clearly). But Hula girl on Ossington, Crafted, Jimmy's coffee, and Quantum Coffee are all West end essentials that are near and dear to my heart.

16.  We have a pretty wicked music scene

There are a lot of underrated venues in the west end of Toronto. Catching a punk show at the Bovine, or an upstairs show at Sneaky Dees can't really be beat!

17.  There is an abundance of beautiful street art

Graffiti Alley, Ossington, and Portland all have some great examples of what I'm talking about.

18.  Nuit Blanche is always catered more towards the West end of downtown.

This somewhat goes with my point of the West end being so "walkable". Even Nuit Blanche knows that the West end is where to put all the good stuff ;)

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