There are so many unique and surreal places on earth that everyone wishes they could visit. Mother Nature has plenty of mysterious natural phenomenons she has planted around the world for us to discover.

If you can't pack your bags right now to explore the crazy wonders our world has to offer, take a look at these 18 dreamlike photos to plan the trip of your lifetime in the near future:

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1. Blue Tears // Matsu Islands,Taiwan Strait.

2. Pink Lake // Goldfields-Esperance, Australia.

Photo cred - @atrl

3. The Door to Hell // Derweze, Turkmenistan.

4. Flammable Ice Bubbles // Lake Abraham, Alberta.

5. Christmas Island's Red Crabs // Cocos Islands.

6. Fairy Circles //Marienfluss Valley, Namibia.

7. The Great Blue Hole // Belize.

Photo cred - Giants Causeaway

8. Giant's Causeway // County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

9. Lake Natron // Arusha Region, Northern Tanzania.

10. Spotted Lake // Similkameen Valley, British Columbia.

11. Bioluminescent Waves // Maldives.

12. Light Pillars // Wyoming, United States.

Photo cred - @derekazimmerman

13. Rainbow Eucalyptus //  New Guinea.

14. Moskstraumen // Norway.

15. Volcanic Lighting // Chile.

16. Snow Doughnuts //Krkonoše, Czech Republic.

17. Fire Rainbows // South Carolina , United States.

Photo cred - Visit Norway

18. Northern Lights // Svalbard, Norway.

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