Somehow you have a connection to Sault Ste. Marie. Whether it's a roommate from college or a mutual friend, "Soo" people are everywhere. If you're lucky to know someone from way up North, you'll usually get filled in on all the Soo drama. From bragging about Soo pizza to who hooked up with the latest Greyhound rookie, Soo news sparks quite an interest to Southern Ontario peeps.

Most Soo young people venture down to Southern Ontario for college or university, and spread their Soo love to the rest of us. Thank you Soo much for bringing your joy to Southern Ontario!

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Here are some signs you grew up in good old Sault Ste. Marie: 

1. You can't eat pizza unless it's Soo pizza.

Nothing will ever top it.

2. You don't understand Southern Ontario lingo.

What does "moss" mean? "That's so extra"... confused.

3. You drive 6 hours or more to your school with a car full of pasta sauce and soup.

Your mother spends all of August preparing for your departure.

4. You say "camp" instead of "cottage."

Ya, that throws everyone off.

5. You pay the price of a roundtrip to Paris just to fly home for Thanksgiving.

The struggle is real.

6. You need pasta snacks from Paesano's like you need oxygen.

After your roommates try them, pasta snacks are a requirement for all pre-drinks.

7. You've taken a picture at Robertson Cliff or Hiawatha.

Getting in touch with nature is your thing.

8. When every restaurant is named after someones Italian family member.

There's Giovanni's... Uncle Gino's... Sandros etc.

9.  You're either Italian by blood or Italian by association.

How you doin?

10. You don't understand the concept of chain restaurants.

You like to be unique.

 11. You flashed your butt to the opposing team at the annual East West football game.

Or was that just ________?

 12. When people ask where you're from, 95% of them have no idea where the Soo is on a map.

"Where are you from?" "The Soo." "Where the heck is that?"

13. You sat through school mass in three different languages.

French, English and Ojibway.

 14. You'd be in mass and be sitting around at least 5 guys that you've hooked up with.

Oops! Never felt so pure.

15. You spend your Saturday trying to find clothes from this century at the Station Mall.

Eaton Centre never looked so good.

16. You've attended at least one Greyhound Rookie party.

Gooooooooo Greyhounds!

"Soo" people will always have the best stories.