Those who went to a Catholic high school in Scarborough know that the experience is truly a unique one. Sure, they all go through similar experiences as other Catholic school students in the board, like the struggle with McCarthy's uniforms and being broke from spending all of their allowance at their school caf.

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But because there are so many Catholic high schools located close to each other within the district, there's a culture and dynamic that is simply and uniquely Scarborough. Here are 18 signs you went to a Catholic high school in Scarborough:

You knew Pope was always the team to beat at every sports meet.

Mr. Jebba or Mr. Liu are familiar names to you.

You heard the most startling rumours about MT regarding student crimes and incidents.

People often teased Libermann kids just because they went to Libermann.

You actually got hype for Notre Dame's Dance Off and were willing to mission there for it.

99% of girls would still wear their kilt in -40 degree weather.

And they would roll them up because they were also so long.

You knew at least one person who low key bragged about being in AP, IB or the Gifted program.

Almost every guy would wear ball shorts under their McCarthy's.

You're guilty of mallratting at Scarborough Town Centre at least once.

People assumed Mary Ward kids were all smart because of the independent learning system at their school.

Everybody basically knew everybody and gossip travelled at lightning speeds.

You knew to avoid the school crests on the floor at Neil McNeil.

Aside from MT, Vanier was that basketball school.

You only you knew one thing about Newman: it was the school beside the Bluffs.

The TTC was basically your life.

You often tried to pass off a bunch of nickels and dimes as proper fare on the bus.

Each school had its own unofficial rivals - Ward vs. Libermann, Newman vs. Neil, Pope vs. everyone... etc.

No one ever referred to Senator O'Connor by its full name. It was always just "O'Connor".

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