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18 Signs You're Definitely From Kitchener

KW for life.
18 Signs You're Definitely From Kitchener

Kitchener is a special place to grow up in. You get a mix of both worlds - the quirky charm of a small town with the hustle and bustle of a sleepless city. And, like any other hometown, there are certain things that only people who have lived there will recognize.

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Here are 18 signs you're definitely from Kitchener:

1. You know the true pronunciation of Weber St, despite the naysayers.

It's Weeber, not Webber.

2. You still prefer to calling Harry Class Pool as Woodside.

You have very fond summer memories of this place.

3. You've gone sledding down Mount Trashmore at least once before in the winter.

Don't be fooled by the name, the hill is far from trash.

4. You know to avoid the sketchy east end of downtown Kitchener.

The further south you walk along King St, the more sketchy it gets.

5. You're a fan of the Rangers even if you don't think you are.

You just are.

6. Your stupidest decisions were made at Concordia Club during Oktoberfest.

But they were some of the best nights of your entire life.

7. You're desensitized to slippery winter sidewalks and heaping snowbanks.

And you scoff at Torontonians when they complain about what is only a little bit of snow in Kitchener standards.

8. You make it clear that you're from Kitchener, not Waterloo.

There's a slash in "Kitchener/Waterloo" for a reason.

9. You'll take Pepi's Pizza over any Pizza Pizza or Dominos any day.

Hands down.

10. You're still confused by monument on the lawn of the courthouse.

What is that atrocity?? A worm? A deformed bratwurst?

11. You're used to the detour life because of all the closed intersections in the city.

Damn LRT construction!

12. You're amused at first-time GRT riders who haven't yet mastered the hand wave.

It's an art.

13. You know someone in your town who owns the book Food That Really Schmecks.

Probably someone in your family or a close friend.

14. You would see The Wizard pushing his bicycle up and down the streets in Kitchener.

He was one of your heroes.

15. You know how these terms relate to together: Apple Bowl, Front, Mic Mac, North, Sugar Bowl, Sumac, Tenderfoot.

Hint: Chicopee.

16. You call it the Aud.

Not the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex.

17. You go to Fairview Park on many, many, boring nights.

Mall ratting at its finest.

18. You have CHYM FM 96-7 playing while you drive.

When the AUX fails you.

BONUS: 19. You always text Kitchener/Waterloo as "KW".

Never in full.

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