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18 Struggles Of Being A Day Camp Counselor

I can't understand you when you're crying!
18 Struggles Of Being A Day Camp Counselor

I worked at a day camp for pretty much all of high school.  It was way better than working retail, and allowed me to be outside for the majority of my day, although there were some struggles.

One day I got puked on in the pool and exploded my hand with a bottle rocket all in one day.  Which I think is clear proof that there are some struggles of working at a day camp.

Good luck to all my fellow counselors out there, August is almost here and you are half way done.


1. Pool Foulings

This could be a complete day ender. If one camper poops in the pool, you will not be hearing the end of it. And, you will also be dealing with an army of swimming deprived seven year olds, watch out.

2. Sunscreen

You constantly make kids reapply their sunscreen, because you know that Jacob's mom will be pissed if he comes home any other shade than ghost white.

3. When there is 10 minutes left of camp, and WWI begins

You have done your head counts, made sure everyone has their backpack and you're getting ready for sign out. When suddenly one kid decides to run away, another two start a fight, and three others start crying because they miss their parents.

4. When parents ask "How did my child lose this?!"

"I don't know, maybe you should ask YOUR CHILD"

5. Kids who are basically allergic to camp

They are always the cutest, most polite, and most well behaved. Although, sadly they come with 3 Epipens, 2 inhalers and 1 Allerject. They also cannot sit in the grass, go in the pool, or eat anything with egg or dairy in it or they will get a rash.

6. Having no patience for anyone over the age of 10.

Sorry, I can't hear you when you're whining. :(

7. Constantly smelling like chlorine, sunscreen or bug spray

Does it count as a "body splash" if I splashed my body with water in the pool?

8. Not knowing how to talk normally outside of camp

You constantly use "camp friendly" sayings like "Bad news bears" and "Neato Mosquito" in social settings.

9. Constantly going to bed at 9, and feeling wild if you stay up past 10

"I'm so dead, didn't get to bed till 10:30 last night"

10. Coming home covered in glitter and/or washable markers 3/5 days of the week

You're no longer phased when your parents ask "What is that all over you?"

11. Once one kid learns a swear word, all the kids learn a swear word

And they will repeat it for the entire day.

12. Reassuring overly emotional parents that their child does indeed have friends

I love parents that care this much, but I have never felt more awkward than hugging a crying mother in the middle of a soccer field.

13. Constant head counts

You're constantly counting your campers, because you are always in fear of having "a runner"

14. You live off iced coffees and any type of junk food in the break room

LOL what is a summer body?!?!!

15. Outside of work all you talk about is work

"Emily is honestly the cutest, she is going to grow up and be so pretty. Like if she were my age, we would totally be friends"

16. Your solution to 90% of campers problems is "Maybe you should sit down and drink some water"

Stomach ache? Drink some water.

Head ache? Drink some water.

Scrape or Cut? Let me poor some water on that.

Hungry? lunch time is soon, maybe drink some water!

17. You live for "Plastic Lace" or "Boondoggle"

And you enlist the 12-year-old girls to teach you how to make the coolest keychains, because they are the masters.

18. People are constantly shocked that you work at a day camp

When you're at the bar and you say you work at a day camp while sipping your fifth whisky sour. Don't you worry, you deserve that drink more than anybody!

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