19 Surefire Signs You Went To The University Of Guelph

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19 Surefire Signs You Went To The University Of Guelph

Guelph Gryphons are a rare breed.  Guelph students are known for their crazy school spirit, and it's for a good reason!  How can you not be proud to go to school full the most amazing people, the best student life, and easily the most fun HOCO's in Ontario?

Whether you're an eng, aggie or arts student, there is a good chance that you've experienced a few of these scenarios that are unique to Guelph.  After all, Guelph definitely has a few of its own quirks and charms! *cough* squirrel infestation *cough*.

Enjoy the rest of your semester Gryphons! 

And if you went to Guelph-Humber, we have you covered too...

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1. You've taken the Drunk bus and made some very cringeworthy decisions while on it.

"Yeah sure random stranger, I will share my Cheetos with you and cry about my ex-boyfriend on your shoulder. Thank you for being the best friend I have ever had."

2. You're 100% more likely to skip your winter classes if it's at War Mem.

LOL, frostbite? Nah, I'm good.

3. Squirrels are everywhere, and you cannot escape them.

And we mean, EVERYWHERE.

4. Every time you say you want to try a new place, you end up at Trappers.

And you're secretly very okay with that.

5. You take HOCO a little too seriously.

And you're completely okay with that.

6. The BullRing is basically the Central Perk of campus.

And your coffee addiction reached an all-time high after becoming a regular here.

7. You're on a first-name basis with the one toothed lady from Double Dragon.

BFF status.

8. Forever hating ResNet more than you have ever hated anything in your life.

Yeah, I'll check my emailonce my computer loads, give me like 2 hrs.

9. The smell of manure will forever remind you of back to school.

Ah yes, so organic.

10. There is a good chance a vast majority of your closet consist of Guelph hoodies and an assortment of flannels.

In all honesty, what more do you need?!

11. Being seriously jealous of everyone who has a fall reading week.

LOL fall reading day am I right??

12. Following the adventures of the Creelman table a little too closely, and being way too invested in it.

It has been returned for those who are wondering.

13. South res parties were always the best.

Although after 6 shots nobody really remembered them.

14. Getting mildly annoyed when Guelph-Humber students say they go to Guelph.

No. You. Don't.

15. You go out of your way to use the Science complex bathrooms.

Those are always the cleanest, and that sh*t is important (pun 100% intended).

16. Every good drunk night ends with Who Gives A Schnitz.

Pro tip: try the deep fried Oreos, you're welcome.

17. LOL you want to cab it home?  Good Luck.

Are there even cabs in this city or is that just a myth?

18.  You've ended up on a hay ride to a forest party with the ags.

And it was honestly pretty awesome.

19.  Attempting to sneak into Trappers with a smokers pass...

...And failing miserably.

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