15 Surefire Signs You're A Toronto Fvck Boy Or Are Dating One

We all know one...or are one.
15 Surefire Signs You're A Toronto Fvck Boy Or Are Dating One

You most likely clicked on this article because the word "fuck boy" hit close to home. We all know one (or are one) and the fact of the matter is fuck boys are here to stay.  Unfortunately, fuck boys are not solely a Toronto phenomenon, as proven by the likes of Robin Thicke and Ben Affleck, however, just like anything else is on our wonderful city, even our fuck boys are one-of-a-kind.

1. He knows Drake…and by that we mean one obscure “member” of OVO follows him on insta.

"Ya, me and Drake are boys. You know that one song where he raps about that one guy? I'm friends with that guy". Sure you are bud.

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2. He promotes for a club and his profile pic is probably a nightlife photo (which he also instagramed).

"Hey girl, come to Tryst tonight. I'll get you a comp."

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3. He might also work on Bay St.

"We only spent $5000 last night at EFS because the markets were down."

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4. Regardless of where he works, he still uses daddy's credit card, yet carries himself with the attitude of a self-made millionaire.

You're not fooling anyone, fuck boy.

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5. He's rocking THAT haircut.

"Ya, I'll take the fuckboy cut, number 1 on the sides." We're not entirely sure how this became the look, but all us ladies have to live with it.

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6. He refers to women as broads...yet, loves his mom.

Flawless fuck boy logic.

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7.  He swears by the "Bumble" app.

...because "the chicks are so much hotter than Tinder".

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8. He overuses the words "fam" and "chill".

Don't ask me to be chill, come chill, and especially no "Netflix and chill".

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9. He has a stronger opinion on the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef than he does on the federal election.

He also can't name the leaders of the Canadian Political parties, but knew all the lyrics to "Back to Back" the day it came out.

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10. He plays the Weeknd during sex.


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11. The only sport he watched during the Pan Ams was women's beach volleyball...

...And we all know why.

12. Hotline Bling is his new anthem.

Because you know...Drake is his boy.

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13. He owns six pairs of Zanerobes.

That he matches with his trusty Roshes.

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14. He's probably never voted but thinks the government is "fucking dumb".

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 15. He proclaims he is NOT in fact a fuck boy.

Keep doing you, fuck boy!

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