There have been many guides written about things not to do on a date. Some of them include: being on your phone, talking about your ex and speaking highly of yourself. However, there are certain gestures and comments everyone makes on dates that are not so obvious and can end up being a huge turn off.

It's understandable, you want to be your "real" self on a date. Nonetheless, there are psychological reactions all human beings experience when it comes to actions and words. If you're really into someone, have the desire to know them better and potentially build a solid relationship, follow these 18's don'ts' :

1.  Complaining about debt.

There is absolutely no reason for you to talk about your financial problems on a date. Yaaaaaaaa right he's going to pay off your $100,000 school loan.

 2. Mentioning medication and disease.

Speaking of a medical condition at the wrong time and place can lead to a moment of awkward silence.

 3. Speaking of family history/problems

Keep family problems inside your home. You will know the right time when to speak of your parents divorce.

4. MKM

Don't make plans for the future. Marriage,kids and money are a sensitive topic.

5. Speaking of social media stalking skills.

Why would you? Everyone stalks each other on social media, but there is no reason to speak about it outloud.

6. Doubt the truth

It's an automatic reaction to make up little white lies to set a good impression. Just because the other person over exaggerated a situation, doesn't mean you should doubt the truth behind their story.

7. Constantly looking in the mirror

This makes it seem like you are completely obsessed with yourself. Check yourself out in the washroom, not infront of the other person.

8. Automatic Turns off

Hopefully your parents taught you proper etiquette. If unfortunately you're not familiar with the basic do's and dont's - GOOGLE. Don't pick your teeth, itch your head, order messy foods or rest your hands on your face. Ew, k bye.

9. Pickiness

In order to get to know someone, you have to speak of your interests. However, do not highlight your pet peeves or you'll scare away your date with your OCD.

11. Rulemaking

Do not tell me what to do. If the relationship moves to a different level than we can establish some rules.

12. Be a drama junkie

OMGGGGGGGG, I do not care what she said or he said.

13. Act impatient

Being impatient and complaining is a two in one combo. Don't wine about how long your food is taking.

14. Making romantic comments

Please, please please, keep those cheesy jokes and comments to yourself. This appears to be a popular strategy used by men to get a woman in bed. Constrain your hormones and don't make it that obvious.

 15. Be negative

Negative vibes = negative energy. Stay away if you have nothing good to say.

16. Over-accessorising

Ladies, when it comes to your jewelry, keep it simple. You're no christmas tree.

17. Wear dark lipstick

Guys in general hate loads of makeup on girls. They automatically think it's going to rub off on their brand new shirt. Dark lipstick is in style ATM, but avoid wearing it when you're out on a date.

18. Say yes

Don't say yes to everything. Agreeing to everything he or she says, can display strong signs of desperation. You can have your own opinion, just don't appear to be standoffish.