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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To UTM

It's a 'sauga thing.

If you hang out at Square One, have pictures of deer in your camera roll, and have spent way too much money on food at OPH, odds are you went or currently go to The University Of Toronto Mississauga. Tucked away on Mississauga Road, it’s definitely thought of as the annoying little brother to UTSG. Sure we want to hang out at St. George sometimes but ultimately we've got our own shit going on and a personality of our own.

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If you’re a true UTMer, you understand that there are just some things that only apply to us here in 'sauga. Like how Professor Katz is savage af and how getting on UTM Beauties is a university game changer for some girls. No matter what year or program you’re in, all UTM students can agree that life here is a lot different than it is on other U of T campuses. Here are 17 things that only my fellow UTMers will understand!

1. Going broke from the UTM parking fees because you literally can't park anywhere else.

Why does the campus have to be surrounded by a forest? Do we really need that many trees? The UTM parking struggle is so real.

2. Getting excited over all the deer grazing through the soccer field in first year.

You used to spend most of your break trying to get the perfect pic to post on your IG/ Snapchat but now you're in fourth year and you just wish they would leave you alone.

3. The sadness that comes with having classes in Davis.

a.k.a. the ugliest building known to mankind. Why is it so hard to find a prof's office in that building? I just want to ask one question about my midterm, not gallivant to Narnia.

4. Alternatively, the joy of finding out that you have classes in Deerfield Hall.

If you're going to have a 9 a.m.Calc tutorial at least having it in Deerfield makes things not as apocalyptically bad.

5. Never having new courses added to the UTM course calendar.

It's the same shit every year.

6. But also, somehow never being able to get into any courses you actually want on ACORN.

How many times does a girl need to get waitlisted for a 400 course before they add another lecture for it?!? Let me in so I can graudate.

7. Bragging about the free MiWay U-Pass and the free shuttle bus to the Hart House.

Take that UTSC and UTSG'ers.?

8. Always having the shortest breaks compared to other schools.

Why call it a reading week if you're only going to give us 2 days off in between a weekend? That's just misleading and cruel.

9. Spending an awkward amount of time explaining that you go to the Mississauga campus and not the downtown one.

Please raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by this question.

10. Gaining the UTM 30 from the lack of good food options on campus.

You can't afford to eat Bento Sushi or drink Booster Juice everyday, so you just decided to live off of Tim Hortons and Pizza Pizza and ignore any and all weight gain by only wearing your U of T sweats.

11. Always being 15 minutes late to class because the Timmys line in Davis never moves.

*orders a breakfast sandwich in first year, gets it by graduation*

12. Never being able to find study space because all the York kids come through and invade the campus.


13. Knowing the RAWC has great facilities but never actually using them.

In all fairness, some of us are really busy and no one wants us to commute home after an hour at the gym anyways.

14. Having a social life that's just as bad as your academic life.

School is hard, people are busy, and UTMers only get together for group work. UTM is definitely not Western.

15. Spending days/ weeks/ months logging in and out of ACORN waiting for your marks to come in is an end of semester ritual.

I just need to know if my life is going to be completely over or not. DID I PASS STATS OR NAW FAM?!?

16. Wearing a UofT sweater is about all the school spirit you have.

You hear about other schools HOCOs, see on social media that kids actually go to varsity games, hear stories about wild campus parties and you think to yourself... I wonder what that's like. When your high school friend's post pics from their schools, you get a little sad that UTM doesn’t have school spirit.

17. Ending up credit/ no crediting what you initially thought was going to be a "bird course".

HAHAHA plot twist, this is U of T there are no bird courses. All we have are hard courses and ones that will ruin your life.

18. Going out of your way to use the gender neutral bathrooms because you're WOKE AF!

Gender positivity and equality for all ✌️

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