Ah, Western. You tried to cancel Homecoming, and in an ironic twist of fate, you gave us two.

Those of us who aren't drowning in midterms are going to make sure that HOCO Pt.2 is even bigger and better than the last. Those of us who are drowning in midterms will probably begrudgingly take part too... and just pay for it later.

Western HOCO can't ever be stopped, we've got a party reputation that needs to be upheld, and we're going to bleed (and puke) purple until the day we all graduate (and maybe not even then!)

Here are 18 things you can definitely expect to see this year at Western Homecoming:

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1. People taking cute roomie photos on their porch.

A HOCO tradition for basically everyone who has ever attended Western. These will be the photos you look back at in your 60's and reminisce on how much fun you had at Western!

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2. 9:00 AM pancake keggers that are out of control.

PRO TIP: jello shots can be counted as breakfast if you consume it like oatmeal instead of as shots. This girl is really onto something.

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3. Uniform socks.

You know the ones I'm talking about. The Purple Store and American Apparel stock up for your HOCO needs, but if you haven't got yours yet, you should get on it!

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4. No cars on Broughdale or on Richmond between Huron and the main gates.

I mean, you can't even see the street!

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5. Police. Everywhere.

Some of them are ticketing, and some of them are snapchatting. They are keeping as safe, but they're also letting us do our thing for the most part. Kudos for that!

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6. Smug A**holes in Queen's Merch.

Get outta town, literally. Not a great move unless you're in the mood to be roasted all day long.

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7. Internet-inspired costumes, props, and signs.

Memes come to life, year after year. HOCO part 1 featured mostly election slogans and Harambe masks, but HOCO part 2 might mix it up, so stay tuned!

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8. "Water" Bottles.

It's so good to see everyone staying healthy and hydrated!

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9. Pat Greenall (?)

A few years ago, Pat conducted drunk interviews in the student ghetto and his hilarious compilation went viral. We've got our fingers crossed that he'll be back this weekend to film another instalment of his drunk interview YouTube series.

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10. People throwing up W's.

Represent! ??

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11. A sea of purple.

What a beautiful, beautiful sight. Y'all should wear purple more often!

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12. People who are tremendously underdressed for the weather.

Despite HOCO taking place in late October, I can guarantee that you will see crop tops and short shorts. Gotta commend the girls who commit to their look, rain or shine. I guess they figure their wine blankets will keep them warm!

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13. Empty streets and a sudden lull around 4:00 PM.

By 4pm, everyone will have retreated to their home for a power nap and probably pizza. London will pause the party temporarily mid-day, but be ready for part two at night- the party ain't over yet!

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14. John Street flooded with hundreds of students trying to get into Frog.

Unfortunately, you all physically cannot fit into the building. Fortunately, there's usually enough people on the street and residual music pumping from inside the club that you can party on the street if you want to. I mean, you did it earlier on Broughdale, so what's the difference really?

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15. Endless Snapchat stories.

And if you love Western enough, it's like watching the world's most entertaining, least enlightening documentary. Save it all for Sunday morning so you can relive your happy HOCO.

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16. Proud varsity athletes.

Varsity athletes have the most reasons to love Western and hate Queen's. You guys are our pride and joy today!

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17. A lot of people on other people's shoulders.

It's like you're at a music festival, except way more fun. ?

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18. A LOT of spirited 'stangs.


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