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18 Tips And Tricks To Upgrade Your Snapchat Game

So many hidden features!
18 Tips And Tricks To Upgrade Your Snapchat Game

Everybody and their mom are probably on Snapchat by now, but a lot of people still only know the basics of the photo-based app - snap a photo, add a line of text or an emoji or two, and send to friends or publish to your Story. But there's more to Snapchat than meets the eye, and a few of these hidden features could really up your Snap game if you know how to use 'em right! Check the list out below, and don't forget to leave a comment if we've missed any other fun  Snap hacks!

1. Change the emoji associated with your friend's username.

Ever wondered what that smirking emoji or emoji with sunglasses is supposed to mean? It's an indicator of the type of Snapchat relationship you have with that individual, and you can change the default setting to whichever emoji you want. In your Settings menu, tap on 'Manage' under Additional Services, then click on Friend Emojis. You can then tap on any of the friendship categories to personalize the emoji!

2. You can use emojis to place a colour filter over your photos.

Wanna add a red filter over your snap? Simple! First take your photo, then add an emoji with your desired colour in mind - since we mentioned red here, we'll use the red heart as an example. Once you've added it to the photo, just keep enlarging the emoji with the pinch-to-zoom motion until the edges of the heart pixelate and leave a vibrant red filter to your photo!

3. Forget Snapcodes - the 'Add Nearby' feature is the easiest way to add that new friend you just met.

If you don't have the time or patience to screenshot someone's Snapcode, just open your 'Add Friends' menu and tap 'Add Nearby' to instantly add any Snapchatter in your vicinity.

4. If you haven't already, you need to turn on Travel Mode!!!

Do all your friends' stories load automatically whenever you open the app? If you're not on WiFi, then just opening the app while out and about will easily end up costing you precious data and possibly even dreaded overage fees. Avoid this headache by heading back into the Additional Services menu and toggling Travel Mode - this way you can tap to load only the stories you care enough to use your data on, like that particular guy or girl you've got your eye on these days. ;)

5. Check if someone deleted you off Snapchat.

First of all, how dare they?! Second of all, they're not as slick as they think they are - if you suspect someone deleted you, scroll to their name in your contact list. If you can't see their Snapchat score (normally a number in the thousands for the average daily user) directly to the right of their username, then yup, they've definitely deleted you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, my friend.

6. You can use more than one filter on your photo.

You don't have to choose between the Scarborough Bluffs geofilter and the Altitude filter. In fact, you can add both, plus one of the coloured photo filters too! It's easy enough to stack multiple filters onto your photo - just hold a finger down on the screen once you've applied a filter to swipe through options and add another. Release your finger and then simply repeat the process until you have all your desired filters (but seriously though, don't go too filter-crazy).

7. You can draw with black or white ink.

Tap the pen icon and you will see a bar with a spectrum of colour, but no white or black. Let's change that - hold your finger down on the colour bar and then drag to the top left corner of the screen for white ink, or bottom left corner of the screen for black ink. Play around with this feature and you'll find a wider range of hues that aren't visible on the colour bar, such as pastels.

8. Building off #7, you can use this same feature to change the colour of the large block text that's normally white.

Also, you can select individual words to give each of them a separate colour.

9. Take a screenshot without the other person knowing.

Yes, it can be done, but use with caution - with great power comes great responsibility, and all that. All you have to do is go into your phone's settings and toggle Airplane Mode. Once in Airplane Mode, you can view preloaded stories and take screenshots without getting caught because Snapchat can't track how you use the app offline.

10. Get access to your favourite filter from yesterday that has since disappeared.

To do so, go into your phone's settings and turn back the time to yesterday's date - your beloved flower crown filter should be available once again for use (don't forget to turn your date/time back to normal after you're done).

11. Take both photo and video with your phone's volume buttons.

Sometimes the group selfie just isn't possible using the on-screen shutter button, y'know? More people know about this feature now, but in case you don't, it's pretty intuitive - press either volume button to snap a photo, or hold the button down to record video. No more awkward and uncomfortable phone-gripping to take the perfect selfie!

12. Create your own custom geofilter.

Another neat trick some people have caught on to, as we're seeing snaps with personalized wedding geofilters of the bride and groom's image, or birthday geofilters with the birthday girl's name and age. For a small fee, you can set up the custom geofilter to be available near a certain location for a set amount of time. Go to Snapchat's Geofilter website for the details.

13. Block specific individuals from viewing your Story.

Open your Snapchat settings and scroll down to View My Story. Tap 'Custom' to select all the people you want to block from seeing those embarrassingly drunken snaps from last night. Those individuals will still be able to message you as usual, and this type of blocking is of course a temporary setting that you can easily revert once those particular snaps expire from your Story.

14. In the chat feature, the grinning emoji on the bottom left corner of the conversation means the other person just opened the chat.

When the emoji is replaced with a blue dot, it means the other person is currently looking at the same chat along with you.

15. Instead of pinching to zoom while recording a video snap, just drag your thumb upward.

As long as you don't release your finger from the screen, you can record video while seamlessly zooming in and out this way instead of having to use both hands.

16. In a chat window, press and hold a message to save it.

Everyone complains about the fact that their snap convos disappear and they can't remember what was last said, so there's your solution. The next time you're trying to anxiously memorize the phone number someone just sent you over snap, use this strategy instead. You can scroll up whenever you open your chat with this particular person to see all the messages you've saved. When you no longer have use for them, just press and hold on the message again to unsave it and let it disappear.

17. You can record video without hands by configuring the Accessibility settings on your phone.

For detailed instructions and screenshots on how to do this, check out our other article here!

18. Snapchat's camera can recognize QR codes (FYI: those black and white square bars of code you see scattered across magazines, posters, and more).

When you scan the code on Snapchat, a link will pop up to take you to the corresponding website.

Did we miss any useful Snapchat tips and tricks? Let us know!

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