18 Toronto Foodie Instas You Need To Follow So You Always Know Where To Eat

You'll never be stumped on where to eat ever again!
18 Toronto Foodie Instas You Need To Follow So You Always Know Where To Eat

The Toronto foodie scene has gotten massive in the past few years and continues to thrive! There is a massive amount of food offered across the city, so it's only natural that tons of people want to try everything and document their endeavours. While I'm sure everyone with an Instagram account would consider themselves a foodie of sorts, these 18 are in a different league. 

TO's Finest // @to_finest

I mean if you don't follow this account already are you even from Toronto? This account posts just about everything the city has to offer when it comes to food. From brunch to dessert they'll give you tons of ideas for your next resto-choice, just be prepared to get some serious cravings whenever their posts show up on your feed! 

Blonde Eats // @blondeats 

If you are looking for some overall food inspo in the city, blondeats is your girl. She's got no type when it comes to food so your feed will be filled with tons of different resto-options and trendy food items that have hit the city!

Anh // @hangry_foodies

Anh runs one of the cleanest Toronto foodie accounts I've ever seen. Not only are her photos aesthetically pleasing but she seems to be able to find the most photogenic (and still delicious) food around the city!

Katie and Aiden // @thatdopefood

This duo packs a major punch in the Toronto foodie world. They've got everything covered from the more basic Toronto eats to the newest stuff that hits the streets! Their feed will definitely leave you with a rumbling stomach!

Toronto Food Trucks // @foodtrucksto

If you love food trucks you need to follow foodtrucksto. They know just about anything and everything when it comes to the Toronto Food Truck scene which has become a massive craze in the city. Whether it's a chimney stack or a sushitto you're after, you'll know all things food truck if you follow this account!

Marr // @foodiethruthe6

Marr has the perfect mix of both healthy and junk food all jam packed into a flawlessly coordinated feed that will leave you with a massive list of restos you will want to visit! 

Food Pop Co. // @foodpop.co

Food pop covers everything from savoury to sweet but they definitely pay a lot more attention to the sweet side of Toronto's food scene. So if you have a major sweet tooth and are constantly on the hunt for the next new ice cream/milkshake/cupcake trend, follow these guys to stay in the loop!

Isabelle // @allons.y

Isabelle has one of the nicest feeds in the game and her flat lays are on point, but her feed isn't the only thing going for her foodie account. She is constantly visiting the best comfort food spots around so if you love a good Instagram feed and comfort food is your tride and true, follow up! 

Krystle // @dineandfash

Krystle's account is the perfect balance between fashion and food, because what more could you want?! If you want to kill two birds with one stone and have not only killer dishes but also killer fashion popping up on your feed, Krystle's your girl! 

OMC Eats // @omceats

This Toronto couple offers some of the nicest quality food snaps, and on top of that they are always trying new and unique dishes! If you want to stay in the loop on more unique food options in the city, this is the account to check out! 

Kim and Cyrus // @tofooddates

Another Toronto couple killing the foodie game! This account is based off Toronto food dates, so not only can you get food inspo in the city but you can also get some ideas for where to take your next date out to eat! 

The Everyday Foodie // @theeverydayfoodie

The Everyday Foodie is a serious contender for one of the best Toronto foodies on Instagram right now. From the quality of their shots to the descriptions they give for each type of food shown. Not only will you get to see what the food looks like, but you'll also be able to read a little review proving whether it's worth the trip or not! 

Fork TO // @forkto

Forkto are constantly on the hunt for the newest and most delicious food offered, whether it's chicken and waffles or ice cream- whatever is hottest in the city, you'll find it on their feed!

Adrian // @ajun_eats

Adrian covers everything ice cream, pho, and asian inspired in the city. So if you are hunting down a new place to grab soft serve or are building the perfect pho bucket list for when the cold weather hits, you definitely should check out his page!

Rosemary // @rosemxry

If you love a good flat lay and some good old Toronto food inspo, Rosemary is your girl. She even makes sure to document her foodie endeavours when away so if you want the perfect mix between Toronto and international food recommendations, follow her!

Maria // @foodiemibear

Maria covers just about every area of the Toronto food scene imaginable! Seriously, if you are open to any and every option Toronto food spots have to offer, definitely check out Maria's page for some original inspo!

Becca // @torontoblondie

If you are looking for some more healthy inspo on your Instagram feed, check out Becca's page. Not only does she show off some of the best healthy spots in Toronto but she also shows her homemade creations! 

Taste Toronto // @tastetoronto

Taste Toronto is another staple account you should definitely consider following. They post all the time and not only is their quality on point but they are constantly breaking the news on the newest trends and hottest places in the city!