Nowadays, social media is a huge part of every day life, whether you accept it or not. It's usually a representation of how you want to be percieved by the world and it is totally curated by you.

Besides the typical selfies and food porn, there are some dope Instagram accounts out there that are thoroughly thought out and consistently designed. These accounts take personal branding to another level, genuinely embracing the definition of "aesthetically pleasing".

Check out the accounts below to be inspired:

via @randomactsofpastel

1. Alyssa Garrison

via @thecatwilliams

2. Cat Williams

3. Posie

4. Daniel Ocean

via @hudaalvi

5. Huda Alvi

via @logeyly

6. Logan Ly

via @416shooter

7. 416 Shooter

via @claudto

8. Claud

via @joshmankz

9. Josh Manks

via @blousesandhouses

10. Johanna Martin

via @christinagcheng

11. Christina Grace Cheng

via @jacbeale

12. Jackie Beale

via @daniirey

13. Dani Rey

via @dustincarrington

14. Dustin Carrington

15. Vanessa Cesario

16. Jose Lopez

via @chloezhaang

17. Chloe Zang

via @thisrenegadelove

18. Lauren McPhillips

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