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19 Date Ideas In Toronto For You And Your S/O In March

Finally, we're leaving winter behind us and entering the blooming season of spring. With the weather (hopefully) moving in a sunnier direction, it's time to get outside and enjoy what March has to offer.

So why not spend the month planning a new date with your partner? We tend to get roped into how romantic Valentine's day is but slack off during March. Instead why not wow your S/O with a fun date they're sure to remember!

Grab your partner and try one of these fun date ideas in Toronto for March! Who said that February had to hog all the romance?

Indulge at the Sugar Shack T.O. at Sugar Beach to enjoy the last moments of winter with maple taffy!

Take your love on a fun date to see The Flaming Lips at REBEL.

Take a look around at the spring edition of the Toronto Green Market for delicious foods and eco-friendly goods.

If you're on a budget, enjoy a free paint night at Gabby's Pub in the Junction!

Check out the Guinness SPD Party to celebrate like an Irishman including pancakes and beer.

Melt your heart at A Day Of Puppies to adopt a dog, participate in some fitness classes and try out Lilo food's new acai-bowls.

Try some new food during the Old Chinatown Food tour, the newest tour offered by Savour Toronto.

Science lovers? Get your drink on and learn while at Astronomy on Tap T.O. for a night you won't forget!

Dance your way into spring at the Daybreaker Spring Equinox dance party, with a pre-dance yoga session and breakfast!

Check out this guide for the perfect IKEA date and try something new!

Get your drink on at Toronto Winter Brewfest at the Exhibition Place for a day (or two) full of beers!

Test out Little Italy's newest restaurant, Reverie at Weldon Park, and have a magical dining experience.

Hit up Toronto's ComiCon and get lost in your geeky fantasies.

Go and see Bastille on their Wild, Wild World Tour at the ACC.

Unwind together at this 24-hour traditional Korean Sauna for a new way to relax!

If you like watching movies, why not go check out some flicks at Candian Film Fest?

Head down to Comedy Bar and check out Mantown! These gentlemen will have your sides aching from a night of hilarious comedy.

Own the night with your lip syncing skills at the Toronto Lip Sync Battle hosted at The Garrison.

Test your luck at Bar Bingo hosted by Bar Lokys for a chance to win awesome prices and enjoy a night out with your bae.

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Happy spring Toronto! Finally, the time of year is here where the weather will get warmer, rain and sun will be replacing snow, plus everything is in bloom. Of course, that means romance is blossoming all around us too.

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