19 Humber Students You Have To Follow On Instagram Right Now

These hawks are hella' fly.
19 Humber Students You Have To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Who doesn't love spending hours getting lost on Instagram? A lazy day in bed is always made better when you've stalked your best friend's cousin's wife's niece. We all have gotten to the point where we're not totally sure how we ended up on someone's page but we just pray that our finger doesn't accidentally double-tap.

Living in Toronto there are so many amazing opportunities for a sick Insta feed. With all the graffiti, cafes, and brick buildings, Torontonians know exactly how to achieve their aesthetic goals. So who do we look to when we want to find cool and exciting things? The youth of the city, the students, the ones who are seeking to be different and bold.

So lucky for you, we compiled a list of Humber College students who are killing the Instagram game. Whether it be for amazing flat lays, amazing food, or travels that will make you wanderlust, these students have their feeds on point!

1. Diana Puskina // @diiankiins

Follow for: Interesting Toronto landscape photography, original self-portraits (not just selfies), and amazing travel pics.

2. Kenny MacLaughlin // @kennymaclaughlin

Follow for: Unreal photography of landscapes, trippy portraits and action shots.

3. Sara Sandham // @sarasandham

Follow for: Aesthetically pleasing and well arranged feed with lots of cool snaps of food, Toronto street art and the occasional cute doggo'.

4. Derick Keshav Deonarian // @inquiringdeon

Follow for: A super colourful feed with dope travel pics, inspiring captions and a fashion sense you wish your man had (sorry ladies, he's taken!).

5. Alexis Lopez // @styleofsorts

Follow for: The mad style-inspiration this PR student is giving us, plus her super girly theme is so pretty!

6. Bernadette Vina // @littleysian

Follow for: Photography that is out of this world and some hilarious captions. Whether it be landscapes or people, Bernadette knows how to catch your eye.

7. Ethan Clarke // @niceguyethan

Follow for: Colourful hair, funny caption, and inspiration to take yourself a little less seriously.

8. Kaitlin Kealey // @kkealsss

Follow for: Some downright amaing photography that features multi-picture spreads and some interesting people shots.

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9. Becca Southcott // @beccasouthcott

Follow for: Photo's to inspire your travelling dreams and an aesthetic that every girl wants for her feed.

10. Austin McAdie // @amcadie

Follow for: A behind the scenes look at what it means to be a film student with a sense of style. Plus we're obsessed with his simple captions.

11. Clarice Goetz // @clarice.goetz

Follow for: A nice colourful feed that is flat lay heaven and has seasonal pics that are too cute. Make sure to check out Clarice on YouTube also!

12. Jonny Devaney // @jauncydev

Follow for: Amazing photography with a darker theme, this feed has travel pics that will give you FOMO, flat lays, and adorable relationship pics (make sure to check out his girl, @megharrison17's, Instagram feed too!)

13. Melinda Welgan // @melinda.welgan

Follow for: Portraits that will make you wish Melinda was your personal photographer, plus beautiful detailed pictures that will make you obsessed with her page.

14. Karakwakta Thompson // @kkwwaakkii

Follow for: Mad theme envy, unreal food pics, and wanderlust vibes that will make you book a trip ASAP.

15. Tyler Printess // @tylerprintess

Follow for: Literally one of the most visually appealing feeds of all time, featuring tons of colour and plenty of Toronto skyline pics.

16. Kailie Annetts // @kailiecat

Follow for: A no-filter theme with pics around the city whether it be food, landscapes or just funny findings.

17. Mohnish Panjabi // @mohnishpanjabi

Follow for: Lots of amazing food, masculine style inspiration, the Snazzy Man knows exactly what we like to see on our feeds.

18. Devon Owens // @devon.owens 

Follow for: Pictures of this model's simple style, hilarious captions, plus your probable new found urge to bleach your hair and get bangs.

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19. Hannah MacDonald // @hanmacdonald 

Follow for: A feed that will make you rethink your theme, check out the landscape shots and get hair inspiration to last you a lifetime.

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