Is your boyfriend just as obsessed with you as you are with him? This is a serious question that all girls ask themselves. Guys tend to be a little shy about their feelings. Even if he doesn't fully outright say it, he could be feeling the same way as you.

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Our job is to catch the signs. Luckily we've compiled a list to help you out.

1. He wants to be exclusive.

The first step to lock you down forever.

2. He asks for your advice.

Nothing better than a phone call in the grocery store asking your opinion on a food brand he's about to buy.

3. He doesn't hide his phone around you.

Goodbye Tinder and Snapchat tings. If he openly uses his phone when you're hanging out, he has nothing to hide.

4. He talks about wanting to be with you even when you aren't together.

Him: "I just want to be with you right now." You: *heart melts*

5. He wants to get to know you on a deeper level.

Talking about your family, friends and past is a good thing.

6. He talks about the future.

Planning summer day trips makes your heart go boom da boom, boom boom, da boom.

7. He's introduced you to his family and friends.

The mom introduction is huge, so good on you. If the boys know about you, that's also a good thing.

8. He makes an effort to get to know your friends.

Nothing better than a guy who can mingle on his own and be comfortable around your crew.

9. He's always on time when you have plans.

If he's late, he apologizes because he genuinely cares.

10. He cares about your happiness and is protective of you.

Not in a crazy way! He just looks out for your well-being in every situation.

11. He says good morning and goodnight on the daily.

Whether it'd be a quick text or a phone call, he's always contacting you.

12. He keeps a picture of you two in his room.

Just because you gave it to him doesn't mean he has to put it to good use. Brownie points +1 if he does.

13. He makes you feel at home in his place.

Your toothbrush + body shower have a permanent spot in his bathroom.

14. He has turned you into a huge part of his life.

You're a huge part of his world.

15. He never makes you feel uncomfortable in the bedroom.

And is never selfish.

16. He's more than your boyfriend.

He's your best friend in the entire world!

17. He tells you he loves you randomly.

He's not just saying it, he means it.

18. Being with him is easy.

It doesn't take effort because it just works.

19. He's your teammate.

On and off the court, forever.

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