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19 Signs You Can Finally Start Calling Toronto Home

Toronto is easily one of the best cities in Canada!  Whether you're a foodie, music lover, student, or young professional you've probably found it pretty easy to fall in love with the city.

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There are numerous small details, events, and venues that make Toronto so unique.  And after living in the city for a while, it's easy to start to call it home (even if you weren't born here)! Check our 18 points below to see if you can relate!

1. You own at least one piece of Peace Collective Apparel.

2. You’ve been to a game at the Rogers Center.

3. You know the subway map by heart.

4. You’re constantly finding transfers in all your coat pockets.

5. You know your way around the PATH.

6. You avoid Yonge and Dundas Square like the Plague.

7. You’ve gone an adventure to the Toronto Island.

8. You would always pick a concert at Budweiser Stage (Molson Amphitheatre) over the ACC any day.

9. You think its weird when people want to drive somewhere downtown.

10. You no longer get startled by the “BELIEVE” guy.

11. You've attended Toronto Pride and loved it.

12. You’ve run into the Toronto Batman once or twice.

13. You’ve “accidentally” photo bombed a tourist’s picture of the CN tower.

14. You know not to go anywhere near the Eaton Center during the holidays.

15. You’ve visited the High Park Cherrie Blossom Trees.

16. You have a sweet spot for the Distillery District Christmas Market.

17. You’ve attended at least one Toronto music festival (Turf, Bestival, Digital Dreams Ect.)

18. You've explored the ROM countless times.

19. You can name at least one player on the Jays.

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