19 Sure Signs You Went To Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

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19 Sure Signs You Went To Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

HT- Home of the Titans. Where khaki pants were an every day occurrence and morning prayers ended with "Love of Jesus fill us, Holy Spirit guide us, will of the Father be done." It's that Catholic high school in Oakville that had (still has) the best sports teams in the whole city and great black and gold school spirit.

If you went to Holy Trinity, you shared many great memories with friends and teachers. You lived in the atrium at one of the three benches, and became best friends with Phyllis and George.

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Here are some signs you went to H WHAT, HT:

1. You always had loose change for HT's legendary caf cookies.

THE BEST. When they increased the price and made them "healthy" you were devastated.

2. You walked to Double Double for lunch way too often.

Their potato wedges gave you life.

3. You lived for the bell at 2:40 pM.

Flocks of humans in khaki would unite in the atrium after school.

4. You despised your khaki uniform pants more than anything in the world.


5. You would wear a jean jacket and moccasins with your uniform every. single. day.

It looked good at the time ok???

6. You took Fun-Fit and pretended you were sick every other class.

Never really liked gym...

7. You thought Mr. Ragonetti was the coolest person ever.

World Issues in Grade 12 was the best class ever.

8. You owned your bench in the atrium.

All day, every day.

9. You got really into every spirit day.

You contemplated getting perma- gold sparkle lines on your face at one point.

10. Packing lip was a thing.

All the guys hoarded tins in their lockers at school and somehow never got caught.

11. You got in trouble from Phyllis at least once or twice for rolling up your shorts.

That was a no-no.

12. You hung out in the Student Council room all the time.

The red spin chairs were legendary.

13. You knew your school had the best athletic teams in all of Oakville.

Always #winning.

14. You were best friends with George.

The nicest custodian ever!

15. You plugged your nose every time you walked past the trees in the back of the school blooming during Spring.

They had a specific name, one that we cannot disclose... but you all know what we called them.

16.  You tried getting away with a non-uniform sweater by wearing a "sports" sweater.

Some teachers never bought that.

17. You used 3rd spare to feast with your friends when you got your G2.

You packed your crew in one car and went on lunch dates almost every day.

18. You lived for Civvies days.

If you forgot to dress down you would go back home to change because you disliked your uniform that much.

19. You were proud to be a Titan.

Your high school was a family. All the teachers and students got along well.