FINALLY! You’ve escaped your Toronto bubble and you’re out to see the world! You’re going to university! Ugh, you think to yourself, "I finally get to get out of the Toronto basic routine," and you're glad to be done with it (as you wear your Toronto vs. Everbody sweater at the Leaf's game). Sometimes, even the most patriotic Torontonian, the ones who have completed all of the foodie bucket lists, the ones who live for patio season, and the ones that can’t stand to listen to anything but Drake, need a break from the city.

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That may have been you when you jetted/drove/hopped on a Megabus off to University in a completely different town. Some of the top Canadian universities just happen to be in smaller towns than Toronto, like Western (London), Queen’s (Kingston), and Guelph (do I even have to say). Which means, with any town, there is also a change of scenery and lifestyle. Not a bad thing! Yet the inner Toronto snob that you swear never existed in you (you were from Toronto but not basic, how dare you insinuate that!) comes out hard adjusting to small town living.

Some changes you savour; constantly seeing people you know walking through the town, eclectic little cafes along the cities one charming shopping street, the fact that rush hour here is midday Monday traffic in Toronto. But other things you find yourself missing about Toronto, things you never realized you loved so much. Let’s face it, Toronto can be a little extra sometimes, from cat cafes to sushi doughnuts, but we fucking love it. As SnapChat filter royalty and Insta obsessed millennials, we all have our inner Toronto basic bitch that comes out when we go to a University in a small town.

1. Having the CN tower easily in view for your Snaps (and having that be the first thing on your story when you get back).

Probably using the captions VIEWS, probably in an Uber en route to Wildflower.

2. Your go-to club promoter that always hooks you and your squad up with free cover at Coda.

You basically feel like the Wolf of Wall Street.

3. Being able to get desserts as boujee, basic, and decadent as you are weekly (daily).

Sweet Jesus run? It was on my Insta yesterday but I'M DOWN. Momofuku Milk Bar's famous birthday cake, Uncle Betty's doughnut ice-cream sandwiches; how far does Uber Eats deliver?!

4. Being able to walk down the street in sweats and no makeup without running into your last Tinder hookup, your hot TA, the person who ghosted you and your second cousin twice removed.

5. The never-ending stream of fresh pressed juice bars readily available to you at every street corner.

As if you could ever afford to buy a 7 dollar ginger shot, but just the option made you feel very Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Browsing through Holt Renfrew, knowing you can't afford anything, but still going because it made you feel boujee.

7. Sunday brunch with your squad (FAM) at one of these places.

"No you don't understand, brunch is a lifestyle. My Insta from school is one of my most successful to date."

8. Being able to say let's reach without someone asking you what you're reaching for.

You meant...ugh.

9. Concerts at the ACC, Rogers Centre, Budweiser Stage...need we go on?!

Sure, you're being elbowed by random people; but those people are basically your instant best friends when you connect over your favourite diva belting ballad. Overpriced beer and excessive sweat has never been so appealing when mixed with world class entertainment that always stops by the 6ix.

10. Thursdays at Cube, Fridays at the Maddy etc.


11. The abundance of Ubers in the 6ix.


12. All of Toronto's absurd but entertaining food trends.

Whatever happened to normal sushi?!

13. Stopping in Sephora to and from work every day. 

When you have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renessaince palette AND a Benefit Brow bar readily available, can you blame us?

14.The beautiful "problem" you faced when deciding which Italian restaurant to go to that night for your thin crust gourmet za'.

Buca, Terroni, Mattachioni, Pizzeria Via Mercanti, Queen Margherita Pizza?!

15. Your go-to brow gal you have at home.

Sure, you take it takes a TTC transfer and GO train ride but your brows are ALWAYS on fleek after.


Eaton centre, Yorkdale, Queen West, Queen West West...need we continue!? Nothing compares to the convenience or obsession you get from our bomb Toronto shopping scene.

17. Your go to coffee shop that's aesthetic is as fantastic as its americano.

Your heart and your feed miss that delicate latte art.

18. Patio season just isn't the same when you're not looking out at the strange mix of hipsters, wannabe a-listers, Jays fans, and the Toronto skyline.

19. Power hour drinks at Earls with your Tinder range set to 1km.

Oh, are there bankers/lawyers here?! I had NO idea.

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