19 Things To Never Do In Robarts Unless You Want To Be Annoying AF

Where fun goes to die.
19 Things To Never Do In Robarts Unless You Want To Be Annoying AF

Alright, so this is pretty much a hateful list of everything that will annoy the already stressed and angry people around you in U of T's largest library/prison, Robarts. It's pretty common knowledge that libraries in general are quiet places where people can go to be productive, but some people just don't seem to like that definition.

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Please, out of the dignity of your heart, just don't do the following:

1. Bring your funky microwaved leftovers up to the stacks.

You’re not supposed to have food here TECHNICALLY in the first place, but the real problem is heated up leftovers that have a smell nobody can help but notice. The "no eating" rule in Robart's is broken all the time, which is totally understandable considering that some people actually live in here. Nobody cares if you eat as long as it's not excessively loud (apples) or potently smells (talking about you, tuna).

2. Not taking your Subway from the food court out of the paper.

Food is a sensitive subject up here. When you're six pages deep in your essay and you hear the rustling of someone taking their foot long out (I mean the sandwich, but don't expose yourself either please), it becomes very distracting. Just take it out of the paper so we don't all have to listen the rustling of you eating.

3. Talking on the phone pretty much anywhere past the second floor.

Loudly announcing “I’m in the library right now", and then continuing to talk for 10 minutes doesn't excuse you.

4. Being obnoxious during the extended hours.

Nobody on the 1st-3rd floors wants to listen to you yell at 4am while they're on the edge of a nervous breakdown and they're counting down the minutes they have to get their project in to avoid a 10% a day late penalty. They already have to deal with security hassling them for their TCard every half hour.

5. Not just stepping out of the elevator to let people out.

We won’t all just leave without you, chill. Elevators need to be a team effort when you're scaling down 14 floors and stopping at nearly every one.

6. Forgetting the group study rooms aren't sound proof.

I don't know what group project requires that much noise but I don't like it. I'm also just jealous I'm not having fun with my friends in here like you clearly are.

7. Using the group study rooms when you're alone.

There is literally a sign on each one saying "Minimum of 2 People". Hogging a whole room to yourself is just plain inconsiderate and we'll all be starring daggers at you in that little glass room.

8. Sitting right beside a stranger when there are empty tables everywhere.

Unless you've gotten the perfect window table on the 13th floor or it's exam season and there's not much left for options, there's really no reason that a stranger needs to sit right beside you. This is weird and uncomfortable and now it kind of feels like we're on a terrible date. Diagonally across guys, please.

9. Asking someone to watch your stuff and then returning two hours later.

I don’t actually care what happens to your stuff if you’re going to do this but I still have some haunting sense of responsibility.

10. Taking your shoes and/or socks off.

What the hell is this? I should not have to write this. Shoes are feet's little houses. They need to be in there unless you're in a real house. End of story.

11. Taking selfies with your study notes.

No one will actually care that you’re posting these pictures with captions like “Ugh finals! #studyhard” but we’re still judging you for doing something so basic.

12. Using excessive PDA in the stacks.

This is a place of learning.

13. Not taking the stairs for one floor and cramming yourself into the tiny elevator for no reason at all.

You're just hurting yourself by waiting five minutes for the elevator to show up instead of walking one flight of stairs. Also, you're likely to get some serious glares and one brave/scary person might yell at you.

14. Slamming your belongings around.

You don't need to drop your books on the table to announce your presence.

15. Typing like you hate your keyboard.

What did that poor computer ever do to you? Unless you spilt apple juice on your keyboard and you have to assault each key to make it work, there's no reason to be typing that loud.

16. Forgetting your TCard when you're with a study group.

You just can't do this people. Forgetting your TCard means that the only place you'll have to go is the 5th floor and that's a big let down to everyone else who wanted to study at the 13th floor's Sussex side.

17. Getting your Starbucks all over the table and not cleaning it up.

Little droplets of latte on what was expected to be a clean table are a sure fire way to ruin somebody's notes. Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Mochas come with great responsibility.

18. Taking forever at the printing stations.

This library needs at least 5x the printers it has and often has a line of 20 plus people waiting for you to get your shit together. Make sure you check the balance on your TCard before you wait in line because there's no cutting back in once you're out.

19. Loudly crying.

Just kidding, that's expected.

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