19 Things Everyone From Thornhill Absolutely Knows Is True

True fact: Thornhill is NOT a hill full of thorns.

Ahh, Thornhill: it's not hood enough to be Toronto and it's not classy enough to be like its fancy schmancy neighbour Maple. If the city of Thornhill were to be one of the Kardashian sisters, it would be Kendall Jenner seeing as she is without a doubt the most low key of the sisters. It's a small city along the northern border of Toronto where people tend to forget that life does in fact exist beyond the last stops of the TTC line.

That being said, a city as low key as this one deserves a shout out and some reppin'.

Here is a list of 16 things you would only know if you were from Thornhill.

1. Nobody completely understands the whole extra fare thing when the TTC crosses in/out of York Region

Maybe it's just me, but can somebody please help me understand the whole "you pay extra fare once you enter York Region" thing because I still have no idea if I pay extra TTC fare, YRT fare, or my first born child in order to get home...

2. Speaking of extra fare, let's not forget to mention the whole four extra dollars some of us have to pay to switch onto the YRT/VIVA

$3.25 (TTC) + $4 (YRT/VIVA) = I could have bought lunch with that, fam...

3. The anxiety one feels when they attempt to 'free-va'

While we're on the topic of public transit, let's talk about the brave souls who test the limits of the VIVA and try to save the $4 by simply hopping on. Many have tried, many succeeded and many have failed...But don't lie and say you haven't thought about doing it yourself ?.

4. It's really awkward when you overhear a group of basic white girls at Finch station getting excited to this day about ice cream from Sweet Jesus

You can bet there's going to be another Instagram photo with the caption "running thru the 6ix with my woes"... and it will be totally cringe worthy.

5. We're always about two months late when it comes to the latest Toronto slang

And when we finally catch on, nobody is saying it anymore. Don't cheese me fam.

6. It's embarrassing to admit but at some point in your pre-teen years, you were a mall rat at the Promenade Mall

And we've all tried chilling in the space underneath the stairwell beside the photo booth in front of Rainbow Cinemas... before being kicked out by mall security.

7. We all cried when the Bulk Barn at the Promenade relocated to the other end of the street

I mean, where else am I supposed to buy my cheap candy to sneak into the movie theatre?

8. If you wanted to know what the Philippines might be like, all you have to do is walk around the Yonge/Steeles area

You can shop at Centre Point Mall, go to mass at St. Paschal Baylon Parish, and have lunch at Tindahan's... As if you were born on the very streets of Manila itself.

9. And if you wanted to know what Israel is like, anywhere north of Bathurst Street will be more than enough

Walk up Bathurst street on a Saturday morning. I dare you.

10. When people ask where you're from, you always have to explain its proximity to Toronto

And also that you do not live on a hill full of thorns.

11. Even though Vaughan Mills/ Canada's Wonderland is within the same region, it's a longer commute than you think

And it doesn't help when you have to transfer onto 98765456 busses.

12. And the commute to downtown Toronto is JUST as long

Rush hour is no friend to anybody, especially when there's yet another car accident on Yonge and Steeles.

13. If you miss your bus, it's literally another 30 minutes until the next one

Bruh, I literally do not have the time for this.

14. The entire neighbourhood freaked out when the 168 Sushi Restaurant on Dufferin/ Steeles first opened

But then realized how expensive it actually was and reverted to Yoshiko Sushi on Bathurst and Steeles to save a few bucks.

15. When the news of Promenade Mall being sold was out, everyone freaked at the thought of it closing down

Where oh where, will all the teenage mall rats go now?!

16. Tuesdays at The Tickled Toad along Steeles Ave. W are usually lit on Tuesdays seeing as it is the only bar in Thornhill

That is.. when it isn't filled with old men.

 17. When hearing about some real serious shit in the Toronto Star, the only news that the Thornhill Liberal has to write about is a another basketball game at Vaughan Secondary School

With being low key comes hardly major headliners... Which is fine by me.

18. Nobody is going to get used to saying, "hey, let's save some money and watch a movie at Imagine Cinemas Promenade"

Rainbow Cinemas was my childhood, so it will forever be Rainbow #fvckthesystem.

 19. When you're too lazy to mission all the way to Toronto so you look for a place to have dinner with your friends in T-Hill... only to end up missioning to Toronto or Richmond Hill anyway

I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with nice places to go and cheap transit fare and everyone would eat and be happy...

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