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19 Things You'll Never Get Used To In Toronto Even If You've Lived Here Forever

Life in Toronto definitely takes getting used to. It's extremely fast paced, with so much to do and see that it can seem overwhelming at times. Like any city, it also has its own set of struggles and difficulties that face anyone who lives here. No one knows this better than born and bred Torontonians.

Even if you've lived here your whole life, you'll never fully grasp everything that there is to understand about Toronto. Though it can be challenging, I think that's partly what makes the city so great, because you'll never get bored in a city that constantly offers its inhabitants new things to try and explore. From frustrating TTC commutes to marvelling at the city's beauty, here are 19 things you'll never get used to in Toronto.

1. Waiting for the streetcar to shut its doors before driving by on the right.

You haven't felt real shame until you've been honked at and glared at by a street car full of angry commuters.

2. Being yelled at in Yonge and Dundas square.

I'll "believe in the Lord," I promise!

3. Constant TTC track repairs and delays...

Please, I beg you, anything but the shuttle bus.

4. ...And paying $3.25 for a one way transit ride.

Which doesn't even take you across the whole city! SMH.

5. The number of festivals that hit the city each year.

Taste of the Danforth, the Toronto Christmas Market, Winter/Summerlicious, Nuit's impossible to keep up!

6. The cost of rent, especially downtown.

$1500 for a studio apartment, utilities not included? It's a steal!

7...And pretty much the cost of everything in this city.

We live in a city where paying over $10 for a shot is becoming the norm.

8. Waiting in line for anything and everything.

Whether it's 30 mins to get into Spice Route or 45 for a brunch table at Aunties & Uncles, why are we so willing to wait for stuff?

9. Being trampled by crowds at the Eaton Centre on the weekend.

And don't even THINK about going there on Black Friday. Just don't do it.

10. The extreme weather that we love to complain about either way.

We go from 30 degrees to -15 in 2 months, I swear.

11. The excruciating pain of riding in a streetcar or subway that doesn't have air conditioning the the summer.

I think we're all too familiar with the way that streetcars begin to smell after roasting in the sun all day. Two words: Not. Good.

12. How strong the #LeafsNation fanbase is even though the Leafs never, ever win.

I mean EVER. It's demoralizing.

13. The number of raccoons who call the city home.

Where did they all come from? And more importantly...what do they want from us?

14. Properly navigating the PATH.

I'm have this theory that the PATH is actually an underground maze and is city council's idea of a practical joke.

15. The number of amazing restaurants we're lucky enough to have.

Even the most dedicated of foodies will never be able to get to all of them.

16. How beautiful the view of the skyline is from the Toronto Islands.

Show me a Torontonian who hasn't taken a bomb insta from this spot.

17. The wall of condos blocking the city from the waterfront.

Hey, some of us would actually like to see the water?

18. The constant construction.

Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by the 3 year long Queen's Quay revitalization. And don't even get me started on Union Station!

19. The fact that regardless of all the little daily annoyances, you can never picture yourself anywhere else.

Love it or hate it, home is Toronto.

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