London, Ontario is about two hours west of Toronto and is most frequently identified as a University town with bustling nightlife. These things are true and should be recognized.

But if you actually grew up in London or even just spent a few years living there for Western or Fanshawe, chances are you that you'll be able to recognize the details and identify with quirks better than your visitors. Here are 19 things you'll only understand if you've ever lived in London!

1. The train tracks at Richmond and Piccadilly

Shoutout to the engineer who decided to plant the train tracks a few metres away from London's busiest intersection, making everyone south of Oxford late for everything.

2. Villainous Canadian geese

In any other city they might be cute, but in London they are your mortal enemy.

3. Western University

Too big to ignore. You're either a Western student who basically sees London as a venue for the University, or a local resident who patiently waits for the students to leave in May so London can go back to 'normal'. Either way, the presence of Western and its students has an impact on life in London.

Photo cred - Jack's London

4. Jack's dollar beers

Name one place in Toronto where you can get drunk off of pocket change. Point London.

5. Having to explain which London you're talking about

Unfortunately, not the best one on earth. But it's fine.

6. This infinitely changing venue

Rouge, Gatsby, Belfort. They're all interchangeable blackout zones where the only thing you'll remember from last night is losing your phone.

7. The Town Crier/Balloon Guy

London locals know him as the Town Crier, which is supposedly his day job. Drunk Western students know him as the Balloon Guy.

8. Christmas lights in Victoria Park

So beautiful, I'm surprised an epic rom-com movie scene hasn't been filmed here yet. The pretty lights coupled with snow make venturing out into London's -30 degree winter climate worth it.

Photo cred - London Free Press

9. The infamous Richmond Row

Decorated with nightlife, cheap food, and cute boutiques, you'll probably spend at least 50% of your time in London wandering its sidewalk.

10. The precipitation

You're getting used to being inundated by rainwater and snow, but you still don't hate it any less.

11. Barney's Patio

Immediately after the snow melts & the sun comes out, Barney's opens and is arguably the most LIT patio in Southern Ontario!

12. This guy

Always gold-suit adorned and ready to party like its 1970... which is incidentally when he would've been an appropriately aged bar-goer.

Photo cred - Wikipedia

13. The Thames River path

You either run along it everyday, or have it specifically devoted to whenever you need to have a SRS talk with somebody.

14. Christina's Pub/ Campus Hifi hangover brunch

Next level breakfast calls for 30 minute line-ups and apparently only 5 tables.

15. The Ceeps: to infinity and beyond

I'm referring to both its temporal longevity (over 125 years) as well as its Thursday and Saturday night line up. A line up that apparently has been around longer than colour photography.

16. Segway guy & Unicycle guy

Plot twist: they're the same guy!!!!!!!! (?)

17. An epic homecoming

It isn't even a university event anymore. It's celebrated London-wide, and apparently big enough to be a safety threat. Whoops.

Photo cred - Logan Ly Photography

18. Sadness over beloved bars closing

We've said goodbye to the skull-lined walls of Cobra and way-back Wednesdays at Jim Bob Ray's. Both closings really took a toll on Richmond Row nightlife. In exchange we got Frog, which can't be complained about!

19. LTC

Isn't it ironic that the app you use to check when your late-ass bus is coming is called "London On Time"?

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