There is never a shortage of talent in Toronto. Everything from music, dance, sports, acting, etc. And the same goes for photography. Toronto culture inspires creative minds to take their work to the next level! 

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There are so many talented Toronto photographers on Instagram! Regardless what these individuals use their photography skills for (professional use or just for fun!) Here is a list of photographers who have just been killing the game right now! 

via @torontoontop

Eddie // @torontoontop

via @joshmankz

Josh // @joshmankz

via @kay__ray

Baljit // @bsinghh


Alona //

via @codyhaze

Cody // @codyhaze

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Wanye // @wayneoung

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Rickie // @rickietruong

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Sorin // @streamlinedphoto

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Jing // @pawsontheplate

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Galen // @houseofgw

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TJ // @eclipseproductions_

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Koven // @kovenwei 

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Chris // @chriischenn

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Wallace // @18k.visuals

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Alex // @_alexyuen

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Sean // @seandiamondto