With September lurking around the corner, students all across Toronto are becoming more and more anxious to experience the university life. The hustle and bustle of Gould Street is magical with profs who look like students, and students who at times dress up like profs. However, there is one demographic that stands out a little more than the rest: the frosh. Here are some surefire ways of figuring out who exactly the first year students are at RU.

1. They'd rather walk around the hotdog vendors because god forbid the pigeons attack them.

 2. They hold up the Starbucks line because they've yet to realize that all they need is a grande Americano, black.

 3. They don’t know that the library building is indeed on the second floor of POD.

 4. Their unnecessarily over-packed backpacks are in everyone’s face.

 5. They wait for the walking man to appear before crossing the streets to the ENG building.

 6. They jump outta their pants at the Jesus guy. BELIIIEEEVEEEEE!

 7. They’re not entirely sure where the ENG building is.

 8. They haven't yet mastered the ability to devour street meat in minutes.

 9. They think KERR Hall is one big building. It is literally a series of four buildings...with four different directions: North, East, South and West...you can do this!

 10. They're the only ones who show up to tutorials first week of classes because no one told them they don’t start until next week.

 11. They stand in line for 2 hours to buy all the books on their syllabus ON THE FIRST DAY. (Visit the used book store first years!)

 12. They are flabbergasted at the food option surrounding the campus including the eateries at Eaton’s Centre. NOM!

 13. Almost all the ladies have Forever 21 bags because hello, how else are you going to spend your OSAP money!

 14. They create congestion at the entrance of the Tim's by the parking lot since they are unaware that it has FOUR separate line ups. Single file please!

 15. You can actually hear them ponder out loud "How/why is a BLACKBOARD online?"

 16. They definitely cannot fathom why the Ted Rogers building has floors that start at 7…where are floors 1 through 6?

 17. They've probably never commuted 3 hours to attend a 1 hour lecture.

 18. Usually, they run in breathless to class because no one explained the ten minute rule to them..oops, sorry.

 19. Regardless, they are full of life because they can't help but be fascinated with the university atmosphere, so we'll give them a break for now.