20 Absurd Things Girls Do And Will Never Admit

Shhhh... We won't tell anyone. Promise.
20 Absurd Things Girls Do And Will Never Admit

So the other day I was in the car with my mom and when I looked out the window, I saw a man picking his nose in his car at a stoplight. At first, I was shocked.

EW! How gross is that. A girl would n-e-v-e-r do that!

But then... I thought about it twice. It's happened to all of us : having something stuck in there and wanting to get rid of it quickly.

I mean, girls do ''gross'' things too like farting, burping or picking their noses! They just don't do it in front of everybody! So it made me think and I decided to bring to light all the quirks that girls do. Because you know, being a girl also means being human and kinda... nasty.

So here are 20 absurd things girls do and will never admit :

1. Wearing the same bra for an entire week... Just because.

Did you know we're supposed to wear a different bra each day? LOL #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

2. Only shaving for special occasions...

Like your date tonight...Cause you know you're gonna get some of that.

3. Spending hours on YouTube watching kitties clips and sometimes sob because THEY'RE JUST TOO CUTE!!!.

4. Recording yourself singing and then listening back to know how well bad your singing is.

5. Sleeping in the same bed as your mom when you've had a bad dream or a bad day. #Guilty

6. Peeing in the shower.

Oh please stop, I know you do it.

7. (Secretly) checking out other girls' boobs or booty to compare sizes/cry inside.

8. Using paper toilet as a pad when your periods show up without even taking care of warning you.

9. Smelling yourself after you went to the gym to see if you reaaaaallyyy need to shower.

10. Resting your hands down your pants for no particular reason.

11. Or resting them on your breast without even noticing.

And kinda liking it.

12. Having imaginary conversations... with yourself.

13. Googling yourself and see what pictures and infos come out.

14. Practicing twerking in front of a mirror when you're home alone.

Am I the only one?

Photo cred - Giphy

15. Staying on the phone with your friend while you're sitting on the toilet.

16. Picking out bellybutton fluff.

17. Watching yourself cry in the mirror just to see if you're a "pretty crier''.

And no, you're not. #SorryNotSorry

18. Enjoying squeezing blackheads waaayyyyy too much.

19. Double-checking to make sure you can still feel the tampon...

20. Holding your sneeze when you're on your periods because... you know what's gonna happen.

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