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20 Golden Retriever Puppies Were Rescued From Egypt, Flown To Ontario Today And Adopted By Canadian Families Just Before The Holidays

Golden Rescue re-home 20 Golden Retrievers today who made a flight fro Egypt to Toronto.
20 Golden Retriever Puppies Were Rescued From Egypt, Flown To Ontario Today And Adopted By Canadian Families Just Before The Holidays

20 Canadian families received one of the best Christmas gifts of all today, as they arrived at Golden Rescue to meet their newest addition to the family. 20 golden retrievers were rescued from Cairo, Egypt before flying to Toronto Pearson International Airport where they were able to meet their forever families for the very first time.

20 golden retrievers boarded flight #86 to escape the neglect that they have suffered their entire life overseas. Today, the rescued dogs arrived in Toronto they were met with the love, attention and care that every dog deserves as they got to meet their forever families. 

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Flight #86 arrived from Egypt this morning with 20 #goldenretrievers on board! More on @GlobalTV tonight! #rescuemissionoflove #adoptdontshop #secondchance pic.twitter.com/kUXZ13u04i

December 17, 2018

Golden Rescues is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization which has been rescuing Golden Retrievers since 1990 and has rehomed more than 2,800 abandoned Golden Retrievers. In addition to rescuing and re-homing dogs, they also educated the public about pet ownership.

This isn’t the first flight that has occurred from Egypt to Toronto, and it won’t be the last. Emily was just one of the many Golden Retrievers that was found neglected and abandoned in Egypt. Since she’s been re-homed in Canada with Patty and her two children she has learned to grow. Emily loves to steal socks and stuffed animals and she always knows where the cat is. She loves hugs and is not as shy and timid as she once was.

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Since Emily, hundreds of other dogs have been taken in by other Canadian families around the country and have spread happiness and cheer, especially around the holidays. 

Board Chair, Viive Tamm, who has personally travelled down to Egypt to accompany these Golden Retrievers on previous flights, reaches out about what he does, “Rescue has no borders. As long as there are Goldens in need, we will try to be there to give them a better life. We will continue our Mission of Love with our global partners, for as long as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of every Golden in need,”.

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Many Canadian companies exist throughout the country to help re-home dogs who have been forgotten and need a new place to be loved and share the ideology that adoption is always the best option! 

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Source: Golden Rescue