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20 GTA Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

Time to get inked.
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20 GTA Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

It's no secret that Toronto is chalked full of extremely talented tattoo artists, and beyond the citie's limits are even more passionate artists creating some amazing body artwork.  Whether you love vibrant colours, or simplistic clean lines, you're bound to find a GTA artist that meets all your tattoo needs!

We have compiled a list of 20 tattoo artists from all over the GTA that you must follow on Instagram.  Warning:  you'll probably be craving a new piece after looking at a couple of these flawless feeds.

Also, before you DM me stating that I have no clue what I'm talking about, or that "insert name here" did not make the list and the should have, please remember that just because your favourite artists did not make this list, absolutely does not make them any less talented than 19 artists included.  This list was created to showcase a few local artists' accounts and spread positivity, that's all.

**This list is in no order**

I'm done, enjoy!  

Derek Lewis // Lewis Family Tattoo Company

Danielle Bar // Ace and Swords Tattoos

Tristen Zhang // Chronic Ink

Travis Cadeau // Grim City

Helen Xu // Golden Iron Tattoo Studio

Anthony Jenkins // Requiem Tattoo

Destiny Rensen // Village Ink

Mr.Koo // Ink and Water Tattoo

Curt Montgomery // Holy Noir Tattoos

Marlee Jennings // Altar Collective

Jennifer Lawes // Pearl Harbour Gift Shop

Kelsey Carman // Honey Basil Tattoos

Sam Tyson // Good Point & Atomic Cherry

Jayme Snair // Lucky Devil Tattoos and Piercings

Dave Darlow // The Black Rose Tattoo Parlour

Riki-Kay Middleton Anthon // RKM Tattoos

Nadia Most // North York Ink

Franz Stefanik // Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Tara Rose // 342 Manning Ave

Zeke Yip // Chronic Ink

    Sara Sandham
    Staff Writer
    Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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