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20 Places To Travel To With Your S/O To Make Your Relationship Stronger

You learn a lot about our partner once you travel with them. Maybe it has something to do with being cramped in a car with them for hours on end, maybe it's about exploring new places... or maybe it's just jet lag. Regardless of what it is, there’s something about going on vacation and spending 24/7 with each other that not only tests your relationship, but makes it grow stronger.

Whether you want to explore ancient sights, party all night, or just get away from it all and lay on a beach, travelling as a young couple is fun and exciting. Going on a vacation is the ultimate relationship test and will either make or break you. After all, the couple who travels together stays together.

Read on for 20 places you have to travel to with your significant other that will definitely make your relationship stronger. 

1. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is on most people's travel hit list. The combination of exotic island beaches, spiritual temples and energetic nightlife makes for a well rounded vacation that most dream of. Thailand is less about materialism and more about the adventure. Thailand is one of those places that makes you realize that life can be rich without luxurious sports cars and regular manicures. Couples travel not to come away with something tangible, but instead, to create memories. One of travel’s greatest lessons is that the value of experiences outweigh material items every time. When you are happy with less there will be fewer arguments between the two of you and you'll instead be focusing on shared memories. After all, less is sometimes more.

Highlights: Big Buddha, Phang Nga Bay, Old Phuket Town, Bangla Road Nightlife, Wat Chalong Temple, Suwankuha Temple, Phi Phi Island, Phuket FantaSea Show, Promthep, After Beach Bar, Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, Similan Islands, Shrine of the Serene Light, Khao Rang, scuba diving at Patong Beach

2. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is known for two great things: fine literature and drinking. Toss back a few pints and wanter through the history of the Writer's Museum and explore some of the classic works of James Joyce, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker. Dublin is a wealthy of history for travellers to soak up. The point of traveling is to learn more about the places you are visiting and experience new things. You not only learn about a city's culture and heritage, but you learn new things about your partner. You'll learn things you never new about one another prior to travelling and if you both accept these new discoveries, your relationship with strengthen and flourish.

Highlights: Guinness Storehouse, Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin Writer’s Museum, Porterhouse, Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin Castle, Kilkenny Design, Collins Barracks, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublinia, Gaelic Football at Croke Park, Kehoe's, Merrion Square, Trinity College Long Room

3. Marrakech, Morocco

In Marrakech, it will feel like you're royalty without paying the price to get there. Marrakech is a former imperial city, however, its luxury still remains. Not only is the city a huge economic centre - its maze like alleys offer access to souks for traditional textiles, pottery and jewelry -  but it is beautifully lines with gardens, palaces and mosques. One thing is for sure in Marrakech though: you will most likely get lost at some point, and being lost usually turns into arguing with your partner. You will be tired, hungry and irritated and suddenly you'll find yourselves fighting about the stupidest things. However, you'll talk it through and find better strategies for dealing with each other's frustrations. Sometimes getting into an argument is the only way to clear the air and become stronger as a couple.

Highlights: Koutoubia Mosque, Jemaa El Fna Market, Rahba Kedima Spice Market, Arset El-Mamoun Gardens, Majorelle Gardens, Tannery District, Badii Palace, Ensemble Artisanal, Nomad Restaurant, Café Clock, Le Jardin, Comptoir,  Les Bains de Marrakech, Riad El Fenn

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

You may not think of Iceland when going on a vacation, but Reykjavik is a must see. It's a paradise for those who love the outdoors, plus it has the best view of the Aurora Borealis. Since Reykjavik is a lot of hiking and other outdoor activities and not a lot of concrete sightseeing, you'll be spending a lot of downtime together, but that doesn't necessarily mean you two will have to remain joined at the hip. It's important to see how one another likes to spend their free time. A relationship grows stronger if both partners understand how to be together while doing separate things. Space is key in any a relationship and a few moments of quiet can really do wonders for you both individually and as a couple.

Highlights: watch the Northern Lights, Hallgrímskirkja, Perlman Restaurant, Golden Circle, The Sun Voyager Sculpture, Tjörnin Lake, Elliðaár River, Landakotskirkja Cathedral, Vikin Maritime Museum, Hike Viðey Island, Reykjadalur Hot Springs, Laugavegur Street, Slipp Bar, 101 Restaurant, Reykjavik coastal bike tour

5. Paris, France

The city of love - of course it would be on this list. There are just so many classic, historical sites that every young girl grows up dreaming of seeing. And if a guy agrees to take a trip to Paris with you to spend days wandering museums and looking at old buildings then he's a keeper. Relationships are about give and take - it's all about compromise. Each party has to give a little to get a lot and traveling as a couple forces that dynamic. Travelling over a long distance and a long period of time with a single person is a revealing experience for both yourself and your partner. Regardless of where you go, a relationship without compromise isn't one that will last for long.

Highlights: The Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Palace of Versailles, The Lourve, Tuileries Garden, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Musée d'Orsay, Sainte-Chapelle, Luxembourg Gardens, Catacombs, Disneyland Paris, Palais Garnier, Musée Rodin, Ile Saint-Louis

6. Santorini, Greece

Maybe you've heard of Santorini's popular cousin Mykonos? Yeah, Mykonos may be more fun to party at, but Santorini is better when travelling as a couple. It's picturesque white hillside villages with crystal blue water makes for a dreamy vacation. Santorini is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the Greek culture and really become a local. A key part of travelling is being able to try new and different things that you wouldn't be able to experience back home. That same risk should be reflected in your relationship. If neither party is willing to step out of their comfort zones and try new things, the relationship will remain at a stagnant, boring pace throughout its course. Relationships thrive on trying new things and grow from them.

Highlights: cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay, Red Beach, Kamari Outdoor Cinema, Fira Trail, Santorini Wine Tour, Santorini Volcano Hike, Volcano Hot Springs, ride the donkeys to Fira, The Koo Club, Mamounia Bar, Cafe Hausbrandt, Persia 'Black Sand' Beach, Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Metaxy Mas Restaurant, Ambrosia Restaurant

7. Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh can be considered one of the most calm and serene places to visit. With its variety of temples and pagodas and dense forestry, you'll never be arguing with your partner because there simply isn't a need to, Ninh Binh is that calm and relaxing. This gives you and your partner a chance to get in touch with your spiritual side. Experience the traditional Buddhist culture of Vietnam and get in touch with your faith. A strong couple is one that is able to open up and break down each others walls, and this can be done through spiritual connection. By connecting on a deeper level, you two will form a strong bond that few things can fracture.

Highlights: Cuc Phuong National Park, Van Long Nature Reserve, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Turtle Conservation Center, Chua Bai Dinh Buddhist Complex, Hoa Lu Temples, Bich Dong Pagoda, row-boating on Sao Khe River, Tam Coc Rice Paddies, Cho Bop Market, Trung Tuyet Restaurant, Snail Restaurants, Thung Nham Lagoon, Mua Cave, Van Lan Village

8. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is adrenaline city for thrill-seeking couples. From bungee jumping to jet boating to paragliding and more, Queenstown is the place to go if you're looking for an adventure. Nothing bonds a couple more together than having the shared experience facing their fears on a crazy adventure. When the adrenaline starts pumping, your weaknesses and strengths are on display just as your partner’s are, and discovering and understanding these boundaries will only help make you stronger as a couple. If your partner can put up with you when you are having a mini meltdown over jumping out of a plane, then it's most likely a sign of true love.

Highlights: hike up Bob’s Peak, luge, Skyline Gondola, bungee jump over Nevis River, frisbee golf at Queenstown Gardens, jet boating on Lake Wakatipu, skiing at Coronet Peak, Milford Sound Cruise, Middle-Earth Tour, Queenstown Street Fair, Underwater Observatory, Fergburger Restaurant, Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar, Peregrine Winery

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

There's nothing like some good Southern comfort food by day, and a little Mardi Gras by night. New Orleans is the place if you love food, partying and history - it's the perfect combination of all three. The French Quarter is rich in historical significance and offers a lively party scene by night with some of the tastiest eats in Louisiana. New Orleans is a place that can really test a relationship's stamina. With exploring sites all day and drinking into the wee hours of the morning, there is little time left for rest and relaxation. In order for a relationship to thrive and grow, it's important to not jam every day of a vacation full of activities. Even in a busy city like New Orleans, you each need to find time to unplug and relax.

Highlights: French Quarter, Jackson Square, Mardi Gras, St. Louis Cathedral, Bourbon Street, listen to jazz music on Frenchmen Street, shop on Magazine Street, Audubon Zoo & Park, City Park, Lafayette Cemetery, Po-Boys Sandwiches, Casamento's Restaurant, Café du Monde, Hansen's Sno-Bliz sno-ball vendor, tour the city via streetcar

10. Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the largest commercial ports in Japan and is know for its modern-architecture, street food and nightlife. Consider it the New York City of Asia. The streets are busy with the hustle and bustle of locals while you and your significant other are just trying to figure out where to go without getting too lost. One clear way of how travel makes a relationship stronger is that you and your partner have to act as a team more so than in regular, everyday situations. Whether it’s negotiating tricky subway systems, discussing hotels/hostels to stay in or just deciding where to go for dinner, everything you do and every decision you make is approached as a duo, making you a great team.

Highlights: Tsūtenkaku Observation Deck, Shitennō-ji Temple, Nakayama-dera Temple, Osaka Castle, Osaka Castle Park, Tennōji Botanical Gardens, Dōtonbori, Umeda Sky Building, Sankō Shrine, Kyocera Dome, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Universal Studios Japan, Mizuno Pancake Restaurant, Zuboraya Restaurant, Saeki Sushi

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11. Inverness, Scotland

Okay, so maybe I've been watching a little too much Outlander lately. However, the Highlands are an undeniable beauty and are the perfect setting for falling in love. Inverness strengthens a relationship because other than exploring a few castles, there really isn't much else to do other than spend time with your partner. With spending so much time together in close confinement, the two of you will be able to gain a much better understanding in regards to communication and thus a better understanding of  each other's limits. You can always just go to the Glenlivet Distillery when you need some space.

Highlights: Urquhart Castle, Cawdor Castle, Inverness Cathedral, Inverness Castle, Ness Islands, Scottish Highlands, Black Isle, Falls of Foyer, Chanonry Point Lighthouse, Clava Cairns, Standing Stones of Sternness, Cairngorm National Park, Glenlivet Distillery

12. Sanbona, South Africa

The Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is the place for couples who share a love of animals. Sanbona will get you up close and personal with lions, giraffes, zebras and more for an unforgettable experience. It's these experiences that strengthen a couples bond. Traveling as a couple creates hundreds of new memories that will be shared and cherished for years to come, providing countless personal jokes to tell over and over again. Traveling, even when it is at its easiest, can be extremely testing and getting through disagreements and being able to laugh along the way not only makes for a great vacation, but also a good relationship.

Highlights: Jungle Safari, Boat Safari, birdwatching, stargazing, nature walks, Khoi-Khoi/San Rock Art, Dwyka Tented Sweat Lodge, wilderness trails, camping

13. New York City, New York

There's just something so magical about NYC. F. Scott Fitzgerald once described the city as the "first wild promise of all the mystery and beauty in the world" and you can feel that vibe throughout its concrete streets. Can it get a little hectic and touristy at times? Yes, but that's what comes with a city that never sleeps. On the plus side, traveling as a pair halves all of the stress and work, leaving more energy for other things...  According to a recent survey from the U.S. Travel Association, couples who regularly travel together have more satisfying sexual relationships than couples who don’t. Can't argue with a proven fact.

Highlights: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Central Park Zoo, Rockefeller Center, American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, 9/11 Memorial, Chelsea Market, Levain Bakery, Eleven Madison Park Restaurant

14. Perth, Australia

Everyone has to go to Australia at least once in their life, even if it's just to cuddle with some koalas. Some say traveling to Australia changes you, and that can be said about traveling in general. When you travel with your partner, certain experiences will change you and reshape your world view which may no longer correlate to your partner's. Traveling to new and exciting places makes a person grow and if your partner isn't growing at a similar pace, then the relationship will be halted. The best way to strengthen a relationship is facing change. The changes can be small, but they have to upset the routine enough to make either of you take notice and react. The Aussie lifestyle is one that pushes a relationship in such a way.

Highlights: Pinnacles, Swan Valley Winery, Kings Park, Hyde Park, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Yanchep National Park, snorkelling at Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Cohunu Koala Park, Bell Tower, Cottesloe Beach, surfing at Scarborough Beach, Restaurant Amuse, Must Winebar

15. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires invented the tango, so it's a pretty smouldering and passionate city to say the least. It's a city rich in Latin culture and heritage that can be felt in every neighbourhood. Buenos Aires is bustling with life and culture, and with being in such a busy place, sometimes your plans may get sidelined and you will just have to go with the flow. This can be challenging for certain partners in a relationship and that puts more pressure and strain on a vacation. If your partner can't handle when things don't go as scheduled, it will be a rocky trip. It's important to have a schedule, but also to not be so strict with it since it is inventible that things will go wrong on a vacation. Make a more lax schedule with things that are a must see as well as optional ones.

Highlights: Casa Rosada, Parque Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, National Museum of Fine Arts, La Recoleta Cemetery, Plaza de Mayo, Obelisco de Buenos Aires, El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, San Martín Palace, El Zanjón de Granados, Puerto Madero, tango at Sin Rumbo, Café Tortoni, Don Julio Restaurant

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital and is known for its artistic heritage, Red Light District, and narrow houses with gabled facades. Thus, Amsterdam is extremely unique and unlike anything else - much like your partner. Too often we over look one another's strengths because we are used to doing things independently. However, while traveling, your partner is all you’ve got. Notice their strengths and applaud them. Making them feel appreciated and important, strengthens your bond. Amsterdam is the place to appreciate both a new city and your partner.

Highlights: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank Huis, Amsterdam Royal palace, Heineken Experience, Singel Canal, Sarphatipark, Vondelpark, Dam Square, De Gooyer Windmill, Albert Cuypmarkt, Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder, Amsterdam bike tour, Hoppe Pub, Marius Restaurant

17. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is by far one of the most beautiful places to visit. From sandy beaches to lush forests, a vacation doesn't get much better than Honolulu. Not only does the city offer secluded, peaceful escapes, but it also offers amazing restaurants and nightlife. Honolulu has the best of both worlds, comparable to your strengthening relationship. Traveling together for a long period of time is the true test of a relationship, and if everything goes as planned then it soon becomes apparent that you not only have a great romantic partner, but you also have a serious best friend. Hawaii is the place where love flourishes.

Highlights: Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Hālona Blowhole, surfing on the North Shore, ʻIolani Palace, snorkelling in Hanauma Bay, Koko Head, Manoa Falls, Pearl Harbor, Polynesian Cultural Center, Dole Plantation, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, The Pig and the Lady Restaurant

18. Venice, Italy

Here are a girlfriend's two favourite things: her boyfriend and pizza. And Italy is the place for some tradition slices. Plus, gelato - there's always room for gelato. The stunning architecture and great food makes Italy the perfect place to fall in love with each over all over again. But it's important to remember that relationships also need space to work. Time spent separately is just as important as time spent together. Italy is this ideal combination: there are many sights to see together, but a lot of them cater to different interests you may not share with your partner. Yes, compromise is necessary in a relationship and you may have to sometimes do things you don't want to do, but each partner also needs to remember to indulge in some "me" time. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Highlights: Grand Canal, Saint Mark's Basilica, San Marco Campanile, Doge's Palace, the Salute, the Frari, Venice Lido, Torre dell’Orologio, San Zanipolo, The Marble Church, Venice Giardini, Church of Saint Roch, Rialto and Chioggia markets, Caffè Florian,  Boutique del Gelato

19. Petra, Jordan

What could be cooler than a pink-stone city? Nothing. Petra, also called 'Rose City,' was carved into sheer rock face around early 300 B.C. and acted as an important junction for the silk and spice trade routes. However, Petra was eventually forgotten about as society moved forward into evolution and was rediscovered years after its prime. Sometimes in relationships, we lose sight of one another's value. We get trapped in the mundane routines of our daily lives and forget to show our appreciation for one another. Spending so much time together on a trip means that you will get to know your partner in even greater depth than you already do, and reestablish that spark, which seems to flicker over time. By sticking with one another and getting through any challenge, you will come out stronger lovers and stronger friends on the other side.

Highlights: Petra World Heritage Site, Al-Khazna, Al Dayr, Siq, Al-Beidha, High Place of Sacrifice, The Great Temple, Temple of Dushares, The Royal Tombs, Street of Facades, Archeology Tour, Petra Museum, canyon hiking

20. Cross Canada Road Trip

Canada has too many beautiful cities to just choose a select few, so why not make a road trip out of it? Not only will you get to experience all that Canada and its great cities have to offer, but you'll get to spend a lot of quality time with your significant other. However, you can learn a lot about your partner from being cramped in a car together for hours on end. Travelling reveals one's true personality, and when you are caught up in the demanding nature of traveling there is absolutely no time for fake attitudes. None of us are at our best physically and emotionally on a long journey, so if you can stand each other during a cross-country road trip then you can stand anything.

Highlights: Takhini Hot Springs, Ellesmere Island, Aurora Village, Tofino, Granville Island, Calgary Stampede, Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Cypress Hills, Churchill, Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Old Montreal, Peggy's Cove, George St., Cavendish Beach, St. Martins Sea Caves

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