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20 Places You Have To Take A Date In Toronto If They're A Chocoholic

A friend of mine once asked me what it takes to win over a girl's heart. In my opinion, it's quite simple - just make her laugh and buy her chocolate, because who doesn't love chocolate? Whether you've had a bad day or you are celebrating a great day, chocolate is sure to satisfy.

Hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, tarts, truffles, ice cream and every other chocolate dessert combination you could possibly think of can be found at one of Toronto's chocolatiers, bakeries or restaurants. If your date is a major chocolate lover, be sure to treat her to one of these places!

1. Cacao 70 // multiple locations

This chocolate franchise says chocolate is an ingredient that brings people together and I couldn't agree more. From fondue to waffles to chocolate pizza, Cacao 70 is a unique place for relaxing, sharing and most importantly eating chocolate.

What To Order: Triple chocolate pizza

2. MoRoCo Chocolat // 215 Madison Ave

Not only does MoRoCo Chocolat offer chocolate goodies at its retail store, but it also has a chocolate lounge. The lounge offers extravagant chocolate desserts in a luxurious setting to create a multi-sensory chocolate experience.

What To Order: S'mores fondu and sipping chocolate

3. ChocoSol // 1131 St. Clair Ave W

ChocoSol not only has some of the best organic, Mexican chocolate this side of the border, but it also works to fight climate change. ChocoSol products are wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging while all of its vegan chocolate is free of dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, preservatives and additives.

What To Order: Xocolatl (Mayan drinking chocolate)

4. Bake Shoppe // 859 College St

The Bake Shoppe has been making waves with its celebrity cookies, however, its homemade pop tarts are a chocoholic's dream. Filled with warm Nutella that oozes with each bite, these pop tarts are far superior to the familiar boxed grocery store version.

What To Order: Nutella pop tart

5. SOMA Chocolatemaker // multiple locations

This funky, chocolate factory burst onto the scene in 2003 and has since opened two more locations. SOMA works hard in creating new ways to enjoy chocolate and it shows. The company also doesn't use any artificial flavours or chemicals.

What To Order: Whiskey truffles

6. Nadege // multiple locations

Nadege is a game changer when it comes to the Toronto pastry scene. The patisserie uses French pastry art combined with a vibrant, modern flare to create the most decadent sweets. Nadege also houses 26 different kinds of chocolate to make all your chocolate dreams come true.

What To Order: Hazelnut praline

7. Dufflet // multiple locations

With multiple locations around the city, Dufflet is really the place to fulfill your dessert needs. Known as "The Queen of Cake" in the media, Dufflet offers chocolatey goodness in a variety of pastries such as tarts, brownies and layered cakes.

What To Order: Milk chocolate salted caramel Euro tart

8. Roselle // 362 King St E

Known for its Insta-worthy soft serve, Roselle's also has an impressive line up of cakes, tarts and cookies that will impress your followers. As founders Steph and Bruce like to say, "Dessert makes you happy," and I couldn't agree more.

What To Order: "The Chocolate One" (dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, ganache and crunchy pearls)

9. Wanda's Pie in the Sky // 287 Augusta Ave

This Kensington Market gem is home to some of the best pies in Toronto. From delicious cream pies to nine different takes on the classic apple pie, Wanda knows how to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What To Order: Chocolate peanut butter mousse pie

10. Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry // 653 Dupont St

Stubbe Chocolates originated in Germany in 1845, but relocated to Canada in 1989. The family-owned business has seen six generations of chocolate making using European recipes and ingredients from around the world. Long story short, these guys know how to do chocolate.

What To Order: Blood orange chocolate truffle

11. 7 West Cafe // 7 Charles St W

Open 24/7, 7 West Cafe offers decadent chocolate desserts around the clock. With three different kinds of chocolate layered cake, this late night hot spot will meet the needs of every chocoholic.

What To Order: Chocolate banana cake

12. CocoaLatte // 671 St. Clair Ave W

CocoaLatte is a family-owned cafe with a serious passion for desserts - specifically breakfast style desserts. I'm talking about waffles, crepes, croissants and more, all smothered in gooey chocolate. After all, breakfast is better with chocolate.

What To Order: Nutella waffles

13. The Chocolateria // 361 Roncesvalles Ave

When you enter The Chocolateria, you are basically entering chocolate heaven. These guys will literally dip anything and everything in chocolate. The Chocolateria also offers chocolate classes so you can learn to make your own truffles.

What To Order: Chocolate-covered potato chips

14. Sweet Olenka's // multiple locations

Known for its cool summer treats, be sure to grab one before Toronto's warm weather is gone for good. Sweet Olenka's is the place for chocolate dipped ice cream.

What To Order: Bailey's chocolate ice cream bar.

15. Fugo Desserts // 205 Dundas St W

Fugo is the new kid on the block when it comes to elaborate ice cream. However, what it lacks in longevity, Fugo makes up for in chocolatey goodness. Oreo cookies, Chips Ahoy minis, Skor bits and mini chocolate bars are just a few of the delicious toppings you can choose from.

What To Order: Cookies n' dreams cone

16. Odile Chocolat // 829 Dundas St W

If truffles are your thing, than Odile is the place to go. Odile specializes in Parisian-style, hand-made chocolate truffles infused with wine (yes), herbs, spices and flowers to tempt all chocolate lovers.

What To Order: Romance truffles (champagne, black pepper and rose petal)

17. Crepe It Up! // multiple locations

Crepe It Up's slogan is "Tastes like love without the heartache," but they can't hold the same promise with stomachaches. The ratio of Nutella to crepe definitely isn't an even one here - but that's how su chocolate lovers like it.

What To Order: Paris X crepe (Nutella, bananas, chocolate drizzle, icing sugar and ice cream)

18. Von Doughnuts // 713 Danforth Ave

Located on the Danforth, this gourmet doughnut shop isn't one to pass up. The bakery offers multiple kinds of either raised or cake doughnuts, but their standouts are the ones covered in chocolate glazes, icings and ganaches with all the sweet toppings imaginable.

What To Order: Death by chocolate doughnut

19. The Tempered Room // 1374 Queen St W

In the heart of Parkdale is a little Paris-esque pastry shop known as The Tempered Room. Eating delicious chocolate pastries at this cafe will transport you to France for the afternoon, so consider it a mini chocolate vacation.

What To Order: Chocolate eclairs

20. Colette Grand Cafe // 550 Wellington St

Colette's is probably the cutest European style cafe (without actually going to Europe) and its baked goods are rivalled by few. From chocolate covered croissants to chocolate macaroons, chocolate lovers rejoice!

What To Order: Peanut butter chocolate layer cake

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